Crimea de-occupation in 12 steps by Security & Defense Council secretary

April 2,2023 1707
Crimea de-occupation in 12 steps by Security & Defense Council secretary

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) secretary, Oleksiy Danilov, addressed the “Russian Gauleiter refuse” in Crimea, describing “in broad strokes” how Crimea’s de-occupation will proceed after Ukraine liberates the peninsula.

He said those Ukrainian citizens who have become collaborators will be “target number one” of the process to “forever discourage anyone from even looking toward Moscovia or opening their mouths without thinking carefully before commenting on something related to Ukraine.”

According to Danilov, the de-occupation will proceed in 12 steps (abridged translation):

  1. Conduct public discussion on the design and location in Crimea of a monument “The Russian Warship Goes F… Itself.”
  2. Besides criminal prosecution for collaboration and treason, develop a lustration mechanism to determine the individual level of responsibility and involvement of Ukrainian citizens in Crimea in the occupation administrations’ activities, providing for electoral rights restriction, among other things.
  3. As for civil servants, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, etc., on the staff of Ukrainian authorities, the Interior Ministry, Security Service, Defense Ministry, and such as of 2014 who worked at the Russian occupational structures after February 2014, Ukrainian courts will determine whether they are criminally liable. But even if they are not, they will be deprived of their state pensions and forbidden to be employed by state authorities and local governments for life.
  4. Russia or its successor to ensure the unconditional and complete extradition of all Ukrainian citizens suspected of treason and other criminal offenses, as well as Russian citizens involved in war crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity, committed on the territory of Ukraine in general and Crimea in particular.
  5. Pay special attention to the propagandists, such as journalists, media people and various experts, who contributed to the occupation, militarizing children’s education and inciting enmity against Ukraine and Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars and other ethnic groups. Their crimes will be investigated by Ukrainian and, if necessary, international law enforcement agencies. They will be deprived of liberty, titles, pensions, property … honor and respect in a legal way by a court verdict.
  6. The Russian citizens who illegally came to reside on the Crimean Peninsula after February 2014 will have to immediately leave the Ukrainian territory within a period established by law. The smartest of them have already begun the “exodus.”
  7. Any deeds executed outside of Ukrainian legislation after February 2014, including those related to real estate, are considered null and void. Ownership of property is reserved for citizens of Ukraine. The property appropriated or nationalized by occupiers will be returned to the owners.
  8. Dismantle the Kerch Strait Bridge to ensure full freedom of navigation within a reparation program.
  9. Implement a comprehensive “Detoxication” program to neutralize the impact of many years of Russian propaganda on the public conscience of part of the peninsula’s population. In particular, apply effective Germany denazification methods from the 1940s for the groups that actively supported the occupation, including the use of people adjudged guilty of such crimes in public works on the restoration of destroyed Ukrainian cities and the exhumation and reburial of Russian aggression victims. Provide maximum access to information on Putin’s regime crimes.
  10. Create a documentary base on Russian crimes against Ukrainian citizens who resisted the occupation. Reinstate Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar activists in their rights.
  11. Release immediately all Ukrainian citizens, including ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, who have been politically prosecuted since 2014 and compensate them for moral damages.
  12. Considering its place and role in the ideology of rashism, the negative myth-making system and history rewriting, rename the so-called “city of Russian glory,” Sevastopol, as “Object No. 6.” The Ukrainian parliament will later decide on the city’s new name. Perhaps, Akhtiar.

Danilov also said that the NSDC, in conjunction with a wide circle of experts, is developing a detailed and legally impeccable program that will be embedded in the new edition of the Crimea De-occupation Strategy.

“Crimea is Ukraine! Our citizens live in Crimea, citizens of Ukraine who are waiting to return home! We have never forgotten about them and will not forget millions of eyes that look towards the Perekop Isthmus with hope and faith,” the NSDC secretary emphsized.