Czech President criticizes the West for insufficient support for Ukraine

November 29,2023 483
Czech President criticizes the West for insufficient support for Ukraine

Czech President Petr Pavel has accused the West of not living up to its commitments regarding support for Ukraine. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the President of the Czech Republic stated, “We have not fulfilled our promises regarding the supply of artillery ammunition to Ukrainians, and the training on the F-16s did not start as quickly as it should have.”

Pavel criticized countries for not following through on their stated plans. He emphasized that the current supply of military equipment from the West is insufficient for Ukraine to sustain a high-intensity operation. After receiving Storm Shadows from the United Kingdom and similar missiles from France, Ukraine expected to receive German Taurus cruise missiles. However, Berlin has not yet made a decision regarding these deliveries, added Pavel.

“This creates an imbalance in supplies, and uncertainty is not a good basis for military planning,” stated the Czech president.

Petr Pavel also urged the West not to weaken its support for Ukraine, warning that the next year could be more favorable for Russia if support wanes.

“We have no other choice but to provide Ukraine with everything it needs to fulfill its task of restoring sovereignty and control over its borders; any lesser assistance would be our defeat,” emphasized the Czech president.

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