Czech Republic locates extra 700,000 shells for Ukraine

March 19,2024 1686
Czech Republic locates extra 700,000 shells for Ukraine

Czechia has sourced an additional 700,000 artillery rounds for Ukraine as part of its own initiative to procure critically needed weaponry for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, writes The Wall Street Journal. The plan is to buy more ammunition on top of the 800,000 shells already financed, provided the required funds are available.

[Czechia] has sourced around 800,000 artillery shells from a diverse coalition of suppliers spanning the globe and identified another 700,000 that could be secured with extra funds,” the text reads.

Ukraine will be able to receive the first shipments of weapons in the coming weeks. By the end of the year, a total of 300 units of Soviet-caliber weapons and 500,000 units of NATO-caliber ammunition will be delivered.

More shells will be available as funding comes in, the Czech government said. Altogether, Czech officials say around 3 billion euros, equivalent to $3.3 billion, would secure around 1.5 million shells—a fraction of the $60 billion aid package for Ukraine now stranded in the US Congress,” The Wall Street Journal writes.

The Czech Republic avoids making statements about the origins of the ammunition and the expenses involved in transactions for Ukrainian defenders to acquire shells. Reports suggest that some of the providers include allies of Russia.

Prague is set to broaden the initiative once funding for the first 800,000 shells is secured. This project is currently supported financially by Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, France, Norway, Canada, Sweden, and Portugal.

Cover: AP / Matt Rourke

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