Czech Republic supports Ukraine’s accelerated accession to NATO

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June 2,2023 604
Czech Republic supports Ukraine’s accelerated accession to NATO

The Senate of the Czech Republic has approved a resolution on preparations for the NATO summit in Vilnius. The parliamentarians supported Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance as soon as possible.

“Ukraine demonstrates readiness and determination to defend Euro-Atlantic values, [and] after the end of the conflict, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be the most experienced military in Europe. … Ukraine’s accession to NATO will significantly strengthen the Alliance’s military potential and strengthen sustainable peace while preserving the international order based on UN rules and regulations,” the resolution reads.

Czech senators called on the government to start a discussion at the summit in July about a clear path for Ukraine’s accession to NATO. In addition, the republic supports the training of the Ukrainian military, the supply of weapons, and other military equipment to Ukraine and its allies.

European Congress of Ukrainians welcomed the decision of the Czech Republic. “This is definitely positive news. … We also see the approval of such support [of the Czech Republic] by Secretary General Stoltenberg and NATO countries. At the same time, the adoption of the resolution would be impossible without the support of the society [of the Czech Republic], as well as Ukrainians abroad,” the head of the European Congress of Ukrainians Bohdan Rajčinec said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba thanked the Czech Republic for its support. “The momentum for taking a step toward Ukraine’s membership at the summit in Vilnius continues to build, and we thank [Senate Speaker] Milos Vystrchyl and Czech senators for their move,” the foreign minister wrote.

At the NATO summit in July, Ukraine expects an invitation to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced this the day before. “In summer in Vilnius at the NATO summit, the clear invitation to the members of Ukraine is needed, and the security guarantees on the way to membership are needed. We also need a clear positive decision regarding Ukraine’s membership in the EU,” the President of Ukraine said.

Photo source: Petr Pavel/Twitter