DAY 475

Victory Chronicles
-DAY 475

June 13,2023

The USA will provide Ukraine with new Bradleys and Strykers to replace those lost during the counteroffensive

The United States is providing up to $325 million in additional military aid for Ukraine, a U.S. defense official tells VOA. The package is expected to include Stryker and Bradley armored vehicles that can replace those damaged and destroyed in the Ukrainian counteroffensive currently underway, according to two Defense officials, who spoke to VOA on the condition of anonymity ahead of the package’s expected release Tuesday. The officials said the latest aid includes munitions for National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) and more rockets for Ukraine’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

Latest news

  • Russian propagandists have reported the alleged killing of Major General Sergei Goryachev, Chief of Staff of the 35th Combined Arms Army of the Russian Armed Forces, in Ukraine.
  • Air defense downs 10 of 14 Russian missiles and 1 of 4 Shahed drones overnight
  • Russian occupiers fear a counteroffensive from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are fleeing their positions
  • Ukrainian defenders destroy about 4 Russian companies on Tavriia front
  • Russia has lost 216,650 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24, 2022

Number of the Day - 10

As a result of Russian shelling, at least 10 people were killed and 38 more were injured in one day. On June 13, in Kharkiv, a Shahed drone damages storage facilities; in Kryvyi Rih, a Russian missile hits a five-story residential building; in the Kyiv region, air defense eliminates all dangers.

Video of the Day

Ukrainian defenders destroyed an enemy TOS-1A “Solntsepyok” system, which operated in the Zaporizhzhia direction. Fighters of aerial reconnaissance of the howitzer artillery division of the 3rd Brigade of Operational Purpose “Spartan” detected the enemy’s TOS-1A “Solntsepyok” and adjusted artillery fire on it from the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade “Magura.” The National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s successful actions destroyed the heavy flamethrower salvo fire system.

According to the information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as of the morning of June 13, 2023, the occupation forces of the Russian Federation have lost 3766 artillery systems and 601 multiple rocket launchers in the war against Ukraine.

ISW report

Defense Forces continue counteroffensive in at least three frontline areas. Ukrainian forces continued counteroffensive operations in at least three front sectors and made territorial gains on June 12. Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar reported on June 12 that Ukrainian forces in the Donetsk and Tavrisk (Zaporizhia) directions had advanced 6.5km and retaken 90 square kilometers of territory over the past week. Malyar added that Ukrainian forces liberated one settlement in western Zaporizhia Oblast and six in eastern Zaporizhia and western Donetsk oblasts at the same time. 

Ukrainian Eastern Group of Forces Spokesperson Colonel Serhiy Cherevaty stated that Ukrainian troops continued counterattacks on the flanks of Bakhmut and advanced 250 to 700 meters in unspecified areas on the city’s outskirts. Russian sources noted that Ukrainian forces continued counterattacks on Russian positions southwest, north, and northwest of Bakhmut, particularly near Berkhivka (3km northwest of Bakhmut). Geolocated footage posted on June 12 indicates that Ukrainian forces have limited advances in western Donetsk Oblast south of Velyka Novosilka.

Russian military bloggers claimed that Russian forces are trying to counterattack in this area and that fighting continued in the western Donetsk-eastern Zaporizhia Oblast area throughout June 12. Russian milbloggers additionally reported Ukrainian combat activity in western Zaporizhia Oblast near Orikhiv but noted that the intensity of attacks on this sector had decreased somewhat.

War report

Iran is helping Russia to build a factory to produce drones in addition to supplying it with them – UK Intelligence. Based on the Ministry’s data, Russia may have shifted from receiving small shipments of Iranian UAVs by air to receiving larger shipments from Iran via the Caspian Sea. “Russia is also working to start domestic production of OWA-UAVs, almost certainly with Iranian assistance,” the statement said.

War Heroes

Danylo, a Ukrainian defender and a Lviv Academy of Arts professor before his service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, talked about his main dream after the war. According to him, his choice of civilian profession was influenced by the fact that his father was also a creative person and worked as a blacksmith. Danylo has been defending Ukraine for over a year as part of the 80th Airmobile Brigade but dreams of peace and creativity. In particular, he wants to paint a picture illustrating what he has seen and experienced during the war.

However, Danylo also likes his current occupation: “First and foremost, the machine gun is a weapon that has a quite serious impact. It instills a bit of fear in the enemy, so I like this position,” he says. “You start to understand that these people become your family, your brothers, boys worth fighting for, and worth fighting with. We are all a big family. Our entire Ukraine is a big family and we must stick together, fight, then we will be unbreakable,” the professor shared about his service.

Weapons of the Counteroffensive

Ukraine has gathered a considerable amount of weaponry for its counteroffensive. In particular, it received Soviet combat helicopters such as the Mi-17. Overall, Kyiv has received 20 Mi-17V-1s – from the USA and Slovakia. What are the specifications of the Mi-17, and how can it assist in Ukraine’s defense and counteroffensive? What is the Mi-17 helicopter? The Mi-17 is a medium-range multipurpose helicopter, developed in the USSR. It is also known as the Mi-8MT or Mi-8MTV. The Mi-17 is an upgraded version of the popular Mi-8 helicopter.

The Mi-17 can lift 4 to 5 tons of cargo on an external hook or up to 34 paratroopers. Without refueling, the Mi-17 can fly up to 750 km. This helicopter can be equipped with various types of weaponry, including machine guns, cannons, guided and unguided missiles, and 250 kg bombs.

During the war in Ukraine, the Mi-17 can perform a variety of missions, including:

  • Cargo transportation;
  • Troop transportation;
  • Medical evacuation and rescue operations;
  • Ground support;
  • Fire support;
  • Reconnaissance and fire direction;
  • Tactical paratrooping;
  • Landing of sabotage and reconnaissance groups;
  • Humanitarian: search and rescue.

The Mi-17 can destroy lightly armored vehicles, strike targets, and enemy personnel if needed. The helicopter can be used in various weather conditions and times of the year and at night. The Mi-17 is operated in many countries, including Ukraine, Russia, India, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and others.

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