DAY 163

Victory Chronicles
-DAY 163

August 5,2022


Above: When the enemy approached Enerhodar in early March, citizens came out in great numbers and at great personal risk to block invading forces from reaching the power plant. Photo via NDTV 

  • Mykolaiv Oblast has instigated a curfew starting from August 5, between the hours of 23:00 and 5:00am.  Mykolaiv Government Vitaliy Kim announced two weeks ago that the curfew would be coming as part of a campaign to root out saboteurs and russian agents. There are signs that Ukrainian security forces are conducting a broad collaborator round-up in cities from east to west, north to south.
  • Luhansk Governor Serhiy Haidai discussed forced mobilization in newly-occupied parts of the oblast in a Telegram post.  Men are disappearing in recently captured towns and villages and not even bribery can save them serving the orcs. “It didn’t take much time for people to understand that under ‘Russian peace’ no laws work – neither those established by the occupying power itself, nor international law,” stated Mr Haidai.
  • Orcs are using the Enerhodar nuclear power plant territory for recuperation, knowing that Ukraine would not target the area. The International Atomic Energy Agency said this week that the incompetant occupiers are reckless on security at the captured plant.  They could end up destroying the plant without Ukraine’s help.
  • According to the Institute for the Study of War, the orcs can’t sustain their enormous front and have to choose between attacking in the east or defending the south.  The enemy continues to redeploy cannon fodder to the south, apparently abandoning the fight for Siversk towards Slovyansk.  They are also moving artillery and air forces to Crimea.
  • Ukraine appears to be staging counter offensives in the east towards critical crossroads in Izyum and in the south towards both Kherson and Kakhovka. In the last two relatively quiet weeks (even orc shelling of civilians has decreased a little), Ukraine has doubled its arsenal of longer-range artillery which has been so effective in confounding enemy ammo, fuel and officer inventories.


Above: Germany has a vociferous pro-Russian minority.  Photo via Nomad Today

  • In sociological research published Thursday, a German public opinon poll revealed that 71% of Germans want to decrease ru energy consumption, although one in four want greater ru energy dependence. The responses varied sharply between western Germany where 76% want decreased ru energy, and eastern Germany, where only about half want to cut energy dependence on the belligerent terrorist state.
  • Across the country, only about a quarter of respondents support more arms to Ukraine.  The number of those who want to cap or reduce arms supplies has grown, up by nine points over the last month to 32%.


Above: Iranaian holy man examines weapons of war in 2019 Terheran.  Photo via The Independent

  • In a deal carried out over the last four years, ru will launch a ru-designed and built spy satellite for Iran on August 9, according to Roscosmos state monopoly space agency. The deal comes with a caveat – for the first few months or so, moscow will use the satellite to surveil Ukraine.
  • The tiny kremlin dictator could have not asked for a better gift than the former US president ripping up the Iran Nuclear Accord in 2018. The step further isolated Iran from the west and pushed them into the open arms of ru.  The impish emperor was so grateful that he traveled himself to Tehran last month to ask for Iranian-made drones, for which Iran publicly said it would stay neutral.


Above: “We kindly welcome you to Chornobayivka”.  Photo via Wikimedia Commons

  • We could not end the week without reporting that on August 4, Ukraine destroyed the invaders’ headquarters in Chornobayivka. It’s hard to count, but this is about the thirtieth Ukrainian strike on the air field area north of Kherson city.
  • According to TCH, “It has been confirmed that the command post of the 22nd Army Corps of the Coastal Troops of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been destroyed in Chornobayivka . The full volume of enemy losses is being reconnoitered.”
  • President Zelensky said it best back in March, “Ukrainian Chornobaivka will go down in the history of war…this is the place where the Russian military, their commanders, have shown themselves completely…incompetent, able to simply drive their people to slaughter.”

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