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August 12,2022


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  • More than twenty European countries took part in the Danish-sponsored Conference of Northern European Allies in Copenhagen yesterday.  The Danish Minister of Defense Morten Bodskov announced EUR 1.5 billion had been committed for military aid to Ukraine including cash, equipment and training.  


  • Ukraine set out a number of priority operational capacities that it aims to obtain including enhanced protection of the Black Sea region, air defense of critical infrastructure and large cities, defending the Belarusian border and creating conditions for counter offensives. 


  • The Defense Ministers of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic expressed intentions to increase military production of artillery systems and munitions for Ukraine. Estonia said that it was working on a comprehensive package of military aid for Ukraine.  Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur stated, “We must not forget that decisions to support Ukraine today also strengthen our own security and deprive Russia of the opportunity to act unpredictably in our region.” 


  • The UK pledged an additional 300 million euros, including multiple-launch rocket systems and precision guided M31A1 missiles that can strike targets up to 80 km (50 miles) away.


  • Presdient Zelensky attended by teleconference, reminding the participants that, “No one will be able to stop the wind that carries nuclear radition, but all of us together can stop the terrorist state Russia.”



Above: Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant before the enemy take-over in March.  Photo via Ukrainska Pravda


  • Putin is is actively terrorizing the world with the only asset he has – the threat of nuclear disaster. On August 11, Enerhoatom, the Ukrainian nuclear plant operational authority, reported that Russian shelled the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant four times.  


  • The world can only imagine the fury of the tiny kremlin dictator over recent mysterious explosions in Crimea and Belarus and his impulse to lash out in the worst way – and bring his disastrous invasion to an end as soon as possible.     


  • The invaders shelled the territory of and took control of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant in early March, compelling the Ukrainian staff to stay to ensure safe operations.  In July, the established a military base within the plant, using it as an artillery base.  Russia fired on Nikopol from ZNPP on Wednesday, killing at least 13.


  • Later in the month, Ukrainian drones hit equipment including a multiple rocket launcher stationed near the power plant.  Throughout early August, reports arose from both sides that the other was shelling the territory.


  • The UN and IAEA have asked for inspections but Ukraine has not signed off, purportedly to avoid legitimizing the occupiers.  However, given the grave situation, it seems like third-parties could lower tensions and escalations. 



Above: The new Bayarkar Kizilelma unmanned fighter jet will be assembled in Ukraine.  Photo via Hromadske


  • The CEO of Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar Haluk Bayraktar announced that the firm will expand operations in Ukraine to include the assembly of the Bayraktar Akinci drones and the new Bayraktar Kizilelma unmanned fighter jet.   The decision in part was made on the high level of capability of Ukraine to manufacture highly-efficient engines already used in some Baytar production. 


  • “In the Akıncı project and the unmanned fighter, we are closely cooperating with Ukraine,” said Mr Bayraktar, “Ukraine is one of the few countries that has engine technology, you have very good and efficient engines, and our close coordination and cooperation also helps Ukrainian engines its place above the UAV market.”


  • The company is moving forward on plans to build a factory, a research center and a center of advanced production in Ukraine. They intend to manufacture a variety of components using Ukrainian expertise. 


Above:  NATO had to do some arm twisting to get Erdogan on board for Finish and Swedish memberships.  Photo via DW


  • The New York Times looked at the tightening friendship between the strongmen leaders of Ankara and moscow.  Turkey is at once a NATO member even as its president meets frequently with putin to push a closer cooperation agenda.  Turkey is currently experiencing severe inflation and economic downturn as the next presidential election looms next year.  


  • “Turkey, which is not a member of the European Union, has refused to apply Western sanctions against Russia. It is exploring ways to work with otherwise sanctioned Russian banks and accept payments through Russian credit cards. Russian gas flows unimpeded through the TurkStream pipeline. There are also reports that Russia is seeking Turkish help in providing “subsystems” for its weapons, which can no longer source Western components directly,” according to the story. 


  • Erdogan acted as the middleman in the deal to open up the Black Sea to shipments of Ukrainian grain.  He also  threatened a veto and forced concession from NATO on the issue of membership for Finland and Sweden.  


  • NATO watchers lament the strategic importance of Turkey in the alliance while Erdogan has moved away from espousing the ideals that underpin the defensive alliance. Some have called for Turkey’s expulsion from the alliance, which would only serve to push Turkey into the open arms of moscow. 

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