DAY 195

Victory Chronicles
-DAY 195

September 6,2022


Above: Ukrainian SU-25.  Photo via Ukranews

  • On Monday, the Ukrainian air force carried out more than thirty air strikes on enemy targets including personnel and equipment.  “As a result of the coordinated work of the aviation and artillery, several platoon strongholds, about 5 positions of anti-aircraft missile systems and the enemy’s artillery battery were hit. The enemy’s losses are being specified,” according to the General Staff.
  • On Saturday, Ukraine carried out over 40 sorties to support ground actions and destroy enemy command posts and ammo depots.  Just days before this streak of over a hundred Ukrainian sorties, ru propaganda media reported that the ru airforce had eliminated virtually all of AFU’s staff including pilots, forcing it to use “poorly trained air cadets for combat sorties which led to catastrophic losses among the remnants of Ukrainian aviation.”
  • Ukraine began the invasion with about 110 operational soviet-era combat planes versus about 1200 enemy aircraft of various ages and sophistication.  Early war commentators believed that this difference alone would play a key role in Ukraine’s quick defeat.  Instead, Ukraine has used its meager resources combined with ingenuity to turn the tables on an underperforming enemy.


Above: From left, Ukrainian delegation included Deputy PM for EU Integration Olha Stefanishyna, PM Denys Shymhal here with EU High Representative Joseph Borrell, Deputy Director-General Kararina Mathernova.  Photo via

  • On Monday, the eighth EU-Ukraine Association Council meeting took place in Brussels.  The council was formed in 2014 following ru invasion to study the EU’s relationship with the Western-leaning country throttled by its bellicose neighbor.
  • This year’s meeting was held under drastically different conditions: Ukraine is now fighting a full-scale ru invasion and has become a formal candidate for EU accession. As phrased by Politico, “Three months after making Ukraine a formal EU candidate, officials from both Kyiv and Brussels grappled on Monday with a much thornier topic: How to conduct normal business with a candidate at war.”
  • The Council issued a lengthy joint press release that covered a broad range of specific topics including goals for EU accession, trade and commerce integration and continued monetary and fiscal support to get Ukraine through and recover from the war. The press release began, “The Association Council condemned in the strongest possible terms the unprovoked and unjustified Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.”
  • The council committed to prosecuting war crimes, “The Association Council emphasized that those responsible for human rights violations, atrocities and war crimes committed in the context of the Russian war against Ukraine, the perpetrators and their accomplices must be held accountable.”
  • On integration of energy infrastructure, “The Association Council welcomed the successful synchronisation of Ukraine’s electricity grid with the Continental European Network. The Sides commended the start of commercial exchange of electricity between Ukraine and the EU.” Ukraine has offered to export both gas and electricity to the EU.


Above: Life in russia world, occupied Donetsk.  In April, ru forces bombed Donetsk city from the outskirts and blamed it on Ukrainian forces.  Photo via Unian

  • Enemy recruitment continues to fail to generate sufficient cannon fodder for a prolonged attack on Ukraine.  Inch by inch,moscow is bringing desperate volunteer mobilization measures into the open, as opposed to relying on the lie of patriotic volunteers from the regions rushing to sign up.
  • According to the Institute for the Study of War, “This represents a departure from previous Kremlin silence on regional mobilization efforts, which allowed the Kremlin to present recruitment drives as ‘voluntary local initiatives’ and insulate ethnically Russian areas and key urban centers from the burden of generating volunteer battalions.”
  • The tiny kremlin dictator praised his proxy forces fighting in illegally-occupied Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts while denigrating ru regular military performance.  This likely serves two purposes: to create a new proxy hero trope to stimulate “volunteer enlistment” and to change the subject from looming disaster in the south.
  • As reported by Sprotyv, illegal Luhansk authorities are trying to mobilize another 10,000 men by various devious means.  One trick entails offering 10,000 rubles for enrollment of a child in school, then using the child’s enrollment data to force fathers to enlist. Authorities use assorted regulatory pretenses to lure people into government offices, for example, the requirement to re-register automobiles.  In addition, local businesses have been ordered to produce “volunteer military contractors”.
  • Sprotyv further notes that, “drafted Ukrainians are thrown to the front line without proper ammunition and training, because the Russians benefit from their death,” and advises any Ukrainian forced into enemy service to surrender to the Ukrainian military at the first opportunity.

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