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-DAY 461

May 30,2023


Above: Mural of 12th century St Micheal’s Golden Domed Church in Kyiv overlooking ancient Podil and the Dnipro River from the church’s museum. (Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine)

The Kremlin hates Kyiv because it is the ultimate proof that Kyivian culture long preceded Moscovia and concretely refutes the lies on which the tiny dictator pursues empirical glory…in his mind.  We feel the desperation grow in these days before the coming counteroffensive, the compulsion to destroy Kyiv as punishment for Ukraine’s indomitable independence of spirit. 

Russia launched yet another drone attack against Kyiv overnight on May 30, targeting Ukraine for the 17th time this month. According to preliminary information, Kyiv’s air defenses intercepted over 20 drones launched by Russia at the capital. Damage and casualties reported. 

Above: UK Ministry of Defence

  • “I am not optimistic about what will happen in Ukraine this summer,” said the European Union’s chief of foreign affairs and security Joseph Borrell, in terms of the possibility of bringing Moscow into good faith negotiations. Mr Borrell believes that the Kremlin is planning a counteroffensive. “It still has power, we should not underestimate it.” On the other hand, Mr Borrell is confident that Ukraine can win as long as the West commits to Ukraine’s victory.  
  • Conversely, Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán believes that there is no way that “poor Ukrainians” can win against such a mighty enemy unless NATO troops enter the battle. He urged the international community to just give up on Ukraine now “to save lives.”
  • Czech Republic intelligence predicts that Moscow is about to hit the country with a propaganda tidal wave to try to stir up public strife over a new security agreement with the US. The agreement was recently signed by US and Czech defense ministers and now head to parliament for ratification. Czech’s head of intelligence warned the public to be on guard against russian disinformation, which can lower the moral and psychological spirit of the public and break the unity of NATO. We can expect Russian disinformation to only get stronger and more sophisticated in the future, he said, especially with the incorporation of AI to generate content. 
  • The Belarusian Ministry of Defense released a video on May 28 showing a train with Russian S-400 systems deploying to an unspecified area in Belarus. Independent Belarusian monitoring organization The Hajun Project reported that the train with S-400s arrived at the 25th Missile Arsenal near Stoubtsi (about 60 km southwest of Minsk). Russia’s and Belarus’ Joint Regional Air Defense System subordinates Belarus’ air defense assets to the Russian Western Military District.
  • A former Russian deputy minister of defense for logistics was appointed as deputy commander of Wagner. This person is a well-connected elite with access to not only war materiel, but also huge graft and corruption opportunities within the Russian military.  
  • The Kremlin is simplifying the process for expatriates to return to russia, likely to mitigate the demographic disaster looming on the horizon. A draft decree supported by the Kremlin will allow former Russian and Soviet citizens and those with direct Russia heritage who lived abroad at the start of the war to return to the motherland with exemptions from customs duties and language proficiency and receive compensation. 

Video: General Staff’s Daily Video Digest with English subtitles


Above: Investigators practically have to use tweezers and magnifying glasses to find evidence of damage caused by what may or may not be a Ukrainian-launched drone swarm on Moscow and environs Tuesday morning.  Let it be remembered that Ukraine only targets civilians with psyops. (Al Jazeera)

Above:  Air Force of Ukraine, 30 May 2023; Destroyed (29) Shahid-136/131 drones. (Ukrainian Air Force)

Above: Ukrainian General Staff of the Armed Forces estimated enemy losses since February 24, 2022, with daily additions.

Liquidated personnel 207440 +410
Tanks 3802 +1
Armored personnel vehicles 7469 +2
Artillery systems/ MLRS 3445/575 +10/0
Anti-aircraft systems 332 +1
Aircraft/ helicopters 313/298  
Unmanned aerial vehicles 3092 +38
Cruise missiles 1107 +51
Warships/ boats 18  
Vehicles and fuel tanks 6219 +12
Special equipment 454 +1


General Staff on Facebook


Above: A rescuer of the State Emergency Service in one of the destroyed apartments in a Kyiv high-rise in Holosiivskyi district after the night attack of the Russian Federation on May 30. (New Voice of Ukraine)

The General Staff summarized attacks on civilians: 

  • Over the past 24 hours, the enemy has carried out 62 airstrikes and launched 54 attacks from rocket salvo systems. Unfortunately, there are victims among the civilian population, private residential buildings and other infrastructure have been damaged.
  • During the past day, the Russian Federation carried out two massive air and missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine. Yesterday night, the enemy used Kh-101/Kh-555 air-based cruise missiles and Iranian strike UAVs “Shahed-136/131”. Yesterday afternoon, the enemy used cruise and ballistic missiles of the operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander” on objects of civil and critical infrastructure of the city of Kyiv. 
  • In the Siversk and Slobozhan areas, there was an airstrike in the Milovi area of ​​the Kharkiv region. He carried out mortar and artillery shelling of the settlements of Seredyna-Buda, Pavlivka, Katerynivka, Shevchenkive, Velika Pisarivka of the Sumy region, as well as Udy, Strelecha, Hlyboke, Morokhovets, Ternova, Izbytske, Staritsa, Gatyshche, Vovchansk, Pletenivka, Tyche, Vovchanski Khutory, Mala Vovcha, Varvarivka, Budarka, Zemlyanka, Chugunivka in the Kharkiv region.
  • On the Kupyansk direction, the enemy conducted an airstrike in the Stelmakhivka area. Kolodyazne, Kamianka, Krasne Pershe, Novomlynsk, Dvorichna, Zapadne, Masyutivka, Petropavlivka, Kucherivka, Kislivka, Hlushkivka, Berestov and Bohuslavka of the Kharkiv region were subjected to enemy artillery and mortar attacks.
  • During the past day, the enemy launched a missile strike in the Lyman area and airstrikes in the Belogorivka areas of the Luhansk region; Siversk and Spirne, Donetsk region. Nevske, Dibrova, Belogorivka of the Luhansk region and Spirne of the Donetsk region were hit by artillery fire.
  • During the day, the enemy carried out an airstrike in the Toretsk district of the Donetsk region. Vasyukivka, Kramatorsk, Tikhonivka, Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Bakhmut, Chasiv Yar, Ivanovske, Predtechine, Bila Gora, Zalizne and New York of the Donetsk region were affected by enemy shelling.
  • The enemy carried out airstrikes in the Avdiyivka and Vodyanyi districts. He carried out artillery shelling of the settlements of Novokalynove, Avdiivka, Pervomaiske and Karlivka of the Donetsk region.
  • In the Marinka direction, our defenders repelled 12 enemy attacks in the area of ​​the city of Marinka. The enemy launched an air strike in the Georgiivka area. At the same time, Maryinka and Georgiivka in the Donetsk region came under enemy fire.
  • On the Shakhtarsky direction, the enemy launched airstrikes in the areas of Vugledar and Prechistivka. He shelled the settlements of Paraskoviivka, Novomykhailivka, Vugledar, Novoukrainka, Prechistivka, and Shakhtarske.
  • In the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson directions, he carried out airstrikes in the Hulyaipole and Mala Tokmachka districts of the Zaporizhia region. He shelled the settlements of Vremivka, Zelene Pole, Novopil of the Donetsk region; Olhivske, Gulyaipole, Mala Tokmachka, Novodanilivka, Orihiv, Novoandriivka and Stepnogrisk of the Zaporizhzhia region; Kachkarivka, Mylove, Kozatske, Burgunka, Lviv, Ivanivka, Antonivka, Komysany, Dniprovske, Kizomys of the Kherson region and the city of Kherson.


Above: Ukraine’s future defenders.  Ninety-six young men graduated from the Luhansk Military Lyceum. The boys studied at the temporarily relocated campus in Kyiv Oblast, from abroad and even some within temporarily occupied territory.  One of the parents at the graduation ceremony remarked, “They started studying before the war.  First the coronavirus, then the war.  These boys have seen a lot at such a young age. It was difficult, but they managed because we are a strong nation.” (Suspilne)

Above:  Map via ISW

  • The Kreminna area is one of the few areas along the front line where Russian forces continue routine offensive operations, and Russian forces may be concentrating offensive capabilities in this area to set conditions for a potential offensive toward Siversk. 
  • Russian forces conducted limited ground attacks northeast of Kupyansk and along the Svatove-Kreminna line on May 29. Russian forces conducted unsuccessful offensive operations near Masyutivka (13km northeast of Kupyansk) and did not conduct offensive operations in the Kreminna area. Ukrainian forces continue to repel all Russian attempted advances near Novoselivske (15km northwest of Svatove), Torske (14km west of Kreminna), Bilohorivka (10km south of Kreminna), and Spirne (25km south of Kreminna).


Above: A main street in Mariupol today. Vilna Radio published an account of current life in Mariupol from a woman with a small child who was unable to escape in time. She called it a cesspool of dirt and mud, populated by DNR soldiers and imported construction workers who are tearing down destroyed buildings and quickly putting up new, where Russian indoctrination goes on 24/7.

Above:  Maps via ISW

  • The tempo of Russian offensive operations in and around Bakhmut remains low as of May 29. Russian forces conducted unsuccessful offensive operations northeast of Orikhovo-Vasylivka (11km northeast of Bakhmut) and in the direction of Ivanivske (6km west of Bakhmut). Russian forces did not conduct offensive operations in the Bakhmut direction on My 29.  Russian forces are decreasing the tempo of their operations in the Bakhmut area amidst the ongoing Russian relief-in-place operation. Russian regular formations are continuing to assume control of Wagner’s positions in Bakhmut City itself as well as on the flanks around the city. Ukrainian forces retain positions on the southwestern outskirts of Bakhmut City and did not attempt to advance in the Bakhmut area on May 28 and 29.
  • Russian forces continued limited offensive operations along the Avdiivka-Donetsk City front on May 29, particularly around Marinka. Ukrainian forces repelled 12 Russian assaults near Marinka (27km southwest of Avdiivka).  
  • Russian forces conducted limited ground attacks in western Donetsk Oblast on May 29.  Russian forces conducted unsuccessful offensive operations near Velyka Novosilka (55km southwest of Donetsk City).
  • Russian forces are reportedly expanding fortifications around Mariupol amidst continued Ukrainian strikes on Russian rear areas near the city. Russian forces have recently intensified construction of fortifications around Mariupol and are transporting logs into the city to construct dugouts. A Ukrainian strike on a Russian concentration area in the vicinity of Mariupol killed 100 Russian personnel and wounded 40 others on May 28.



Above:  A sign on a building under reconstruction in Zaporizhzhia reads, “This building was ruined by a rashyn rocket 6 Oct 2022” (Suspilne)

  • Russian forces continued defensive operations in southern Ukraine on May 29. Russian forces continue to construct trenches on the outskirts of Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia Oblast that are large enough to accommodate “equipment and mass graves.” Russian forces are concealing equipment and manpower in the Bohatyr forest area near Melitopol but also using the trees to build fortifications. Chechen troops operate on the part of the Arabat Spit in Kherson Oblast to guard against desertion.

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