DAY 488

Victory Chronicles
-DAY 488

June 26,2023

Ukrainian defense forces have liberated the village of Rivnopil in the Donetsk Oblast

This was announced on June 26 by Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar. She added that the defenders are moving further. Rivnopil is a village in the Volnovakha district. It has been under occupation since March 2022.


Symbolic number of the Day - 950

Over the past day, Ukrainian defenders eliminated 950 Russian occupiers, an enemy tank, 14 armored combat vehicles, and 21 artillery systems, reported the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


War in Pictures

The State Emergency Service has announced the completion of search and rescue operations in a high-rise building that suffered from a Russian attack on the night of 23-24 June. Emergency workers noted that the search and rescue operation had been completed in the 25-story building that suffered from the Russian attack. Serhii Kruk, Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, said that rescue workers managed to evacuate 24 people from the house; five people were killed.

Photo: SESU

Quote of the day

Losses of Ukrainian aviation: ‘Russia, in its reports, destroys about 20 of our planes per month, if not more. I want to note that we lost one plane in June. It happened at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, such things happen. But – it’s just one plane,’ said the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spokesman, Colonel Yuriy Ignat.

Photo: wikipedia

Video of the Day

Ukrainian military forces accurately destroyed the ‘Strila-10’ air defense system in Donetsk Oblast. The 56th separate mechanized Mariupol Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published a video of the air defense system being hit. The ‘Strila-10’ air defense system was detected by a Ukrainian drone in a camouflaged position in a forest belt. However, the system was detected by a Ukrainian reconnaissance drone that was correcting the fire strike. It is likely that for striking the ‘Strila-10’ system, Ukrainian forces used a high-precision rocket-propelled munition GMLRS M30A1 from the HIMARS or M270 systems.

The footage shows a characteristic air explosion and the damaged area with ready-made striking elements. After the strike, the ammunition in the air defense system detonated, releasing a large amount of characteristic thick white smoke. The air defense missiles also started to fly off. It is likely that the Russian air defense system was completely destroyed.”


ISW report

Russian forces’ ability to conduct offensive and defensive operations in Ukraine does not appear to have been substantially impacted by Wagner’s June 23-24 armed rebellion. Russian and Ukrainian sources both reported that fighting continued as usual along the entire frontline, with Russian forces conducting a relatively higher number of ground attacks near Bakhmut than over the past few days. Some Russian sources used the armed rebellion as a rhetorical device to preemptively exculpate Russian forces from any Ukrainian gains made on June 24 and 25.

War Heroes

Maidan hero Pavlo Kalenichenko fell into a sabotage group ambush in Sumy Oblast. The serviceman had suffered a severe injury on Maidan in 2014. Since the first days of the full-scale invasion by Russia, Pavlo Kalenichenko went to the front, where he served in the Special Operations Forces and in a reconnaissance battalion.

On June 23 in Sumy Oblast, Ukrainian Armed Forces defender and Maidan hero Pavlo Kalenichenko was killed. On their Facebook page, this was reported on Sunday, June 25, by representatives of the initiative group of the injured/wounded on Maidan. “Pavlo Kalenichenko, a hero of Maidan, was killed in the Russian-Ukrainian war. He was always tireless, committed, fearless. Unfortunately, all this is in the past now. He miraculously survived on Maidan, where he received a serious gunshot wound on the evening of February 18. He was treated in the Czech Republic. He was awarded the Order for Courage of the third degree,” reports the initiative group.

According to the community, death found Kalenichenko on June 23 after he fell victim to a Russian sabotage group’s ambush. According to the evening briefing of the General Staff on June 25, a few days earlier, a Russian sabotage group failed to break through the state border in the area of the settlement of Rodionivka in the Sumy Oblast. “The enemy made an unsuccessful attempt to penetrate the sabotage group through the state border of Ukraine, suffered losses, and retreated,” the evening briefing stated.

Photo: Initiative Group of Injured/Wounded on Maidan

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