DAY 511

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-DAY 511

July 19,2023

Attack on Odesa Oblast: Russians hit grain terminal, fire breaks out at storage points

During Russia’s nighttime attack on Odesa Oblast, Russian missiles hit the territory of the Odesa port, a crater formed in the city of Odesa, warehouses with tobacco and fireworks were damaged (firefighters are currently extinguishing the fire), tourist centers and hotels were damaged in the Oblast, and 12 people sought medical care.

The Odesa Oblast Military Administration reported this. “The Russians aimed their Oniks and X-22 [missiles] at the port and critical infrastructure facilities. A fire also broke out there, and all competent services are working to eliminate the consequences. No casualties were reported.

Photos: MNS

Symbolic number of the Day - 37

On the night of July 18-19, Russia fired 30 cruise missiles, 1 aircraft missile, and 32 Iranian-made Shahid Kamikaze drones at Ukraine, while Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 37 Russian air targets. The press service of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported this.

War in Pictures

Military instructors of the Defense Forces of New Zealand conduct classes on combat medicine – applying a tourniquet – with servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the multinational training operation “INTERFLEX” on basic combined military training of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Great Britain, which helps to prepare Ukrainian soldiers more professionally for the defense of Ukraine against russian aggression.

Video of the Day

Rescuers eliminate the enemy shelling consequences in Odesa Oblast.

ISW report

The Telegraph concluded that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Belarusian authorities are actively involved in the forced deportation of Ukrainian children. The Telegraph quoted the head of the Belarusian opposition group National Anti-Crisis Management, Pavel Latushka, who alleged that Lukashenko is personally responsible for the forced displacement of Ukrainian children to Belarus and that he gave direct instructions on how to carry out and finance the displacement.

The Telegraph found that Belarusian authorities actively worked with Russian authorities to transport some Ukrainian children to Belarus and others to far eastern regions of Russia. The Telegraph reported that Belarusian and Russian authorities collaborated to forcibly transport at least 2,150 Ukrainian children to Belarus since September 2022 and that the number of Ukrainian children in Belarus will likely reach 3,000 by fall of 2023.

The European Parliament Foreign Affairs Council had previously called for an arrest warrant against Lukashenko in early June for actions relating to Ukrainian children and for facilitating other crimes committed in Ukraine. ISW has long assessed that Belarus is involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children to Belarus and the Russian Federation.

War Heroes

Nicholas Maimer, a former US Army Green Beret fighter from Boise, ID, came to Ukraine at the start of the full-scale invasion to help train Ukrainians; he died in May 2023 in Bakhmut.

Mr. Maimer was in a building that collapsed as a result of shelling. Previously, Nick said that he felt “a calling” to help Ukraine in the direst times of its modern history.  “I think this is one of the most clear-cut unjust invasions in recent history…it’s really obvious to everybody that it’s an unjustified invasion. So I felt like my moral compass just pointed me towards it,” stated Nick in an interview last year. 

Earlier, Prigozhin showed the body of the American, without naming him, in his Telegram channel. “Finally, we, Ukrainians, were able to thank Nick for fighting for us, unite the two flags, and pay our last respects. Each body of our fallen fighters must be returned, honored, and the figure and his rank immortalized in the history of the liberation war,” Solomiya Bobrovska, a member of the National Defense, Security and Intelligence Committee in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, wrote on Facebook.

Photos: FB Solomiia Bobrovska 

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