August 15,2023

Victory Chronicles-DAY 538

Attack on Lviv Oblast: 15 wounded and 40 houses damaged

As a result of the attack on the Lviv Oblast, 15 people were injured, including at least one child, and about 40 houses were damaged, reported Maksym Kozytskyi, Head of Lviv Oblast Military Administration. “15 people were injured. The youngest victim is 10 years old, and the oldest is 72. Most of the victims have scratches and cuts due to broken windows and bruises. Five people were hospitalized. The invaders damaged about 40 houses,” said Head of the Lviv Oblast Military Administration. Kozytskyi also said that Air defense forces shot down one missile, and six more reached their targets. 

In Lviv, 20 buildings in the Zaliznychnyi district were destroyed. Most of them were on Kakhovska and Patona streets. There were fires, and windows and roofs were damaged. Windows were smashed in the Monada Medical College in Lviv, and three buildings of an industrial business caught fire. One of the missiles hit a kindergarten’s premises, and the kindergarten’s building has been damaged.

In Stavchany, Lviv district, 15 residential buildings in the private sector have been damaged, six of them significantly. Cars have also been damaged. In the village of Sukhovolia, Lviv district, four residential buildings in the private sector have been damaged by missile fragments. There were no casualties.


Symbolic number of the Day


A court in Kyiv has sentenced two more Ukrainian citizens – LDNR militants who fought against the Ukrainian Armed Forces – to 15 years in prison, reported Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office. The Solomyansky District Court of Kyiv found the men guilty of the crimes and sentenced them to 15 years in prison with confiscation of property. They are accused of high treason committed under martial law and participation in banned armed groups.


War in Pictures


Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi noted that the missile landed in the yard of a kindergarten. “More than a hundred houses were damaged, more than 500 windows were smashed, and the kindergarten was destroyed. 4 people are receiving medical aid. There is no threat to their lives,” he said.



Video of the Day

The third assault brigade eliminated an entire occupant unit near Bakhmut. The enemy made attempts to counterattack near the village of Andriivka. The enemy’s reserves – units of the 83rd Separate Airborne Brigade of the Russian Federation – were engaged. The Ukrainian turboprops successfully repelled the attack, the offensive failed, and the Russians suffered significant losses in equipment and manpower. The “Espanyol” platoon commander was eliminated, as well as an enemy company. About 40 occupants were killed and another 25 wounded. Three T-90M tanks and two armored combat vehicles of the occupiers were destroyed.


ISW report


Crimean occupation authorities are attempting to impose new federal penalties on individuals who publish content revealing the locations and operations of Russian military assets in occupied Crimea, likely in response to Ukraine’s ongoing interdiction campaign. Crimean occupation head Sergey Aksyonov announced on August 14 that Crimean occupation officials will propose amendments at a federal level to increase the liability for the spread of photos and videos showing the location and operation of Russian air defense systems, other systems, and military and strategic assets.

The amendments would also penalize individuals who publish images of the aftermath of Ukrainian strikes. Aksyonov’s initiative likely intends to improve Russian operational security and limit awareness of Ukrainian strikes on Russian rear areas in the Russian information space, and occupation officials have previously discussed similar restrictions following the attack on the Kerch Strait Bridge on July 17.

A Kremlin-affiliated milblogger and prominent Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov both expressed concern that Russian authorities could wrongfully use such amendments to censor Russian journalists and milbloggers who report on Ukrainian strikes. Another Kremlin-affiliated milblogger claimed that Russian officials are unlikely to successfully prevent the publication of strike footage.


War Heroes

One of Sumy’s most famous artists and public figures, Dmytro Buival, was killed on August 11 during the fighting near Kupiansk. His wife, Natalia Novak, wrote about the death of the Ukrainian artist and hero on her Facebook page. “I can’t believe it, but the best, kindest, brightest person in the universe, my beloved Dmytro Buival, is on the shield… He gained eternal life on 11.08.2023 in the battle near Kupiansk,” she wrote.

Dmytro Buival is well known in Sumy as a living sculpture, mime, and fire artist. He has popularized these arts in Ukraine and performed abroad. He developed his costume-making technology. Buival also founded the Voice of the Streets public organization in the city and organized the Kharytonenko Fest street art festival. After the start of the full-scale invasion, he defended Ukraine with arms in hand.


Latest news

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  • Ukraine’s Air Force: Air Force destroyed 16 out of 28 Russian missiles launched over Ukraine
  • PGO: Russian army injures 1,098 children in Ukraine

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