September 26,2023

Victory Chronicles-DAY 580

"Army of Drones" strike drones destroyed more than $7 million worth of Russian equipment in one evening

A company of Achilles strike drones destroyed two Russian tanks and a howitzer worth more than $7 million. This was announced by Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology, and Minister of Digital Transformation.

“The operators of the “Army of Drones” have created a real hell for the occupiers. The strike company of the Achilles UAV of the 92nd Separate Mechanised Brigade hit T-80 and T-72 tanks and a D-30 howitzer,” the statement said. During this evening’s attack, enemy equipment worth more than $7 million was destroyed.

“I am grateful to the fighters for their service and great results. More technologies and surprises for the Russians are coming,” the Deputy Prime Minister added. As reported, over the period 18-25 September, the Drone Army’s strike units destroyed 205 pieces of Russian equipment, including 64 cannons.


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Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 26 out of the 38 Shahed-136/131 attack drones launched by the Russians overnight. “The air defense forces and assets of the Air Force, in cooperation with units of other elements of Ukraine’s defense forces, destroyed 26 Shahed-136/131 attack UAVs,” reported The Ukrainian Air Force.

According to the report, the drones were launched from the south-eastern direction (Primorsk, Russia, and Cape Chauda, Crimea). Fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft missile units, and mobile fire groups were used to shoot down the drones.


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A Russian missile hit an infrastructure facility in Mykolaiv on the evening of September 25, causing a fire. Wreckage from a downed drone fell on the territory of an agricultural business in the oblast on the night of 25-26 September.

A fire broke out on the territory of an agricultural facility in the Bereznehuvate community of the Bashtanka district due to falling parts of a downed drone. Rescue workers extinguished the fire in an area of 7,535 square feet.


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Security Service Of Ukraine (SSU) steers HIMARS to a meeting in Russian headquarters near Kherson; 8 officers were eliminated. This was reported by Ukrainska Pravda, citing a source in the SSU. The source said that, thanks to a tip-off from the SSU, the HIMARS missile hit the building where a daily meeting of Russian officers of the 24th Motorised Rifle Regiment of the 70th Motorised Rifle Division was taking place.


ISW report


The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces reported on September 25 that a precision Ukrainian strike on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) in occupied Sevastopol, Crimea, on September 22 killed 34 Russian officers, including BSF Commander Admiral Viktor Sokolov.

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces reported that the strike, which occurred during a meeting of senior BSF leadership, also wounded 105 Russian personnel. Ukrainian Main Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) Head Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov stated on September 23 that the strike seriously wounded the commander of the Russian 200th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade (Northern Fleet), Lieutenant General Oleg Tsekov, and the commander of the Russian grouping of forces in Zaporizhia Oblast, Colonel General Alexander Romanchuk.

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces also reported that the Ukrainian strike on the Minsk landing ship in Sevastopol on September 13 killed 62 personnel, noting that many personnel were present as the Minsk was scheduled to go on combat duty on September 14.

ISW has yet to observe confirmation that these Ukrainian strikes killed Sokolov or any other high-ranking Russian commanders, although the Russian command would be able to easily disprove Ukrainian reporting if these reports are false. Sokolov’s and other Russian officers’ reported deaths would create significant disruptions in command and control in the Russian Black Sea Fleet.


War Heroes


Senior Sergeant Mykola Yaremchuk died on August 7, 2023, during an enemy artillery shelling near the village of Mala Tokmachka, Zaporizhzhia Oblast. The warrior was 53 years old.

Mykola was born in the village of Iosypivka, Vinnytsia Oblast, where he spent his childhood and youth. In 1986, he graduated from Iosypivka school. Then he entered Vinnytsia Vocational School No. 18, where he trained as an electrician of electric transport. In 1988-1990, he did his military service in the city of Yavoriv, Lviv Oblast. Later, he worked as an electrician at the Józefo-Mykolaiv Sugar Plant.

During the full-scale war, on August 15, 2022, the man was mobilized into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At first, he defended his homeland in the A7020 military unit. Then, he was transferred to the 117th separate mechanized brigade. He participated in fierce battles for Mariinka, Donetsk Oblast, and Volokhiv Yar, Kharkiv Oblast.  “Hardworking, honest, with a sense of humor, cheerful, always ready to help, cheerful,” said the deceased’s daughter-in-law, Victoria.

The defender was buried in the Alley of Glory in his native village. Mykola is survived by his only son Dmytro and his family, his close friend Iryna, relatives, and friends.


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