October 25,2023

Victory Chronicles-DAY 609

Russians try to encircle Avdiivka, attacking near Klishchiivka and Andriivka

Russian forces have tried to assault Ukrainian positions on the Avdiivka, Bakhmut, Kupiansk, Lyman, Marinka, Shakhtarske, and Zaporizhzhia fronts. About 80 combat clashes took place on the front during the day.

“About 80 combat clashes took place during the day. The enemy launched six missile strikes and 51 air strikes and carried out 66 attacks using multiple-launch rocket systems on the positions of Ukrainian troops and populated areas… There were casualties among the civilian population. Private residential buildings, apartment buildings, and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed and damaged,” reported the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the area of responsibility of the Tavria Operational Strategic Group on the Avdiivka front, the Russians have kept trying to encircle the city of Avdiivka and have actively used their aircraft. In contrast, Ukrainian fighters have steadfastly held the defense, inflicting heavy losses on them. The Russian offensive near the settlements of Stepove, Avdiivka, Sieverne, and Nevelske (Donetsk Oblast) was a failure, as the Ukrainian Defence Forces repelled over 10 attacks.

On the Bakhmut front, Ukrainian troops repelled 10 Russian attacks near the settlements of Bohdanivka, Klishchiivka and Andriivka (Donetsk Oblast). Ukrainian Defence Forces pursued their assault operations south of the city of Bakhmut (Donetsk Oblast), inflicting losses in military personnel and equipment on the Russian occupying forces and consolidating their positions.


Symbolic number of the Day


Russian forces launched 11 Shahed kamikaze drones over Ukraine on the night of 25 October, and the air defense forces managed to down all the Russian targets. Later, the Ukrainian Air Force specified that the Russians had launched drones from the southeast (the city of Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Russia) on the night of 24-25 October.

Fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft missile units and mobile fire groups were deployed to repel the air attack. Specifically, air defense forces were responding in Cherkasy, Kherson, Poltava, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi and Mykolaiv oblasts. In total, the Russians launched 6 missile strikes and 51 airstrikes, and fired 66 times from multiple-launch rocket systems at Ukrainian positions and populated areas.


War in Pictures


The Public Relations Service of the 111th Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has released photos of the training of a UAV strike unit.

“The unit is a newly created one, but it already has some of the most important tasks at the front. High-quality piloting and control skills of unmanned aerial vehicles require constant training and exercises. Thus, the strikers of the 111th separate brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are constantly improving their piloting skills with different types of “birds,” the Public Relations Service said.



Video of the Day

The “Eyes ” unit’s ” Asgard ” group released a video showing their fighters destroying a Russian T-90 tank.




ISW report


Russian authorities are intensifying mobilization efforts targeting Central Asian migrant communities in Russia. Russian Internal Affairs (MVD) Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev met with the MVD board to discuss “migration problems” and “ethnic crime” and insinuated that migrants commit crimes at a higher rate than natural born Russian citizens. Kolokoltsev defended recent Russian law enforcement mobilization raids on migrant communities and claimed that Russian law enforcement is enforcing standard legal norms.

A Russian insider source claimed that the Russian Investigative Committee is conducting investigations into naturalized migrants with Russian citizenship and is reopening previously terminated and canceled criminal cases in order to mobilize migrants to fight in Ukraine. The insider source also claimed that the Russian Investigative Committee will now investigate migrants for committing any offense, even minor ones, and will expand that individual’s investigation to include their friends and family. The insider source claimed that unspecified actors, possibly the MVD or MVD Head Alexander Bastrykin, ordered Russian state media to increase reporting about ethnic crime in Russia, likely to set informational conditions for further mobilization raids on migrant communities.

Bastrykin has continually advocated for the targeted mobilization of migrants with Russian citizenship, in line with Russian law enforcement’s recent expansion of its efforts to detain and forcibly register migrants with Russian citizenship for military service.


War Heroes

Defender Roman Liakhovolskyi was killed while performing a combat mission near the village of Myasozharivka in Luhansk Oblast. The fighter was 37 years old.

Roman was born in the city of Stryi, Lviv Oblast. He lived in the village of Dibrova. He graduated from the Lviv National Agrarian University and earned an electrical engineering degree. He worked for the organization Stryi Drilling Department.

During the full-scale Russian invasion, the man joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and went to defend his country from the enemy. He served with the 65th Battalion of the 103rd Separate Territorial Defense Brigade. He was a rifleman.

“A loving son, husband, father, brother, friend, acquaintance. Sociable, friendly, decent, sincere. Extremely hardworking and caring. Brave, a patriot of his country. From the first days of the full-scale war, he stood up to defend his homeland,” said Iryna Yadzhak, the sister of the deceased. Roman was buried in the Alley of Glory at the cemetery in his hometown. He is survived by his mother, wife, daughter, other relatives and friends. 


Latest news

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