November 16,2023

Victory Chronicles-DAY 631

Russia admits Kyiv forces crossed Dnipro

Russia has conceded for the first time that “small groups” of Ukrainian troops had established positions on the Russian-held side of the Dnipro River. Separately, the Ukrainian military said its troops were trying to push back Russian forces along the Dnipro River in the southern Kherson Oblast and called for operational “silence” along what it described as a “fairly fluid” front line.

Ukraine said on Tuesday it had secured a foothold on the Russian-occupied eastern bank of the vast river, for the first time confirming an advance that could open a new line of attack towards occupied Crimea.


Symbolic number of the Day


They trudge from Russia into Ukraine, fleeing life under occupation. About 100 Ukrainians a day travel back into Ukraine at an unofficial border crossing, bringing tales of repression and fear about life in Russian-controlled territories.


War in Pictures


Emergency rescue and search operations in Selydove continue for the second day in a row at the site of a partially destroyed 4-story building, the State Emergency Service reported. As of 13:00, the body of a dead woman was removed from the rubble. The death toll has risen to four, with three injured. The State Emergency Service reported this.

Work continues at the site to dismantle the building’s emergency structures. As of today, the rescuers have dismantled 74 tons of the destroyed building structures. The Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine has 22 personnel and 7 equipment units at the site.


Video of the Day

The Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, has published a video of the military’s work to destroy Russian-Iranian drones by Ukrainian units of the South and West Air Commands.


ISW report


Recent Russian opinion polls indicate that roughly half of Russians maintain support for the war in Ukraine and for Russia to engage in peace negotiations. The Levada Center – an independent Russian polling organization – reported on October 31 that 55 percent of respondents to a recent poll believe that Russia should begin peace negotiations while 38 percent favor continuing to conduct the war.

The Levada Center observed that while these numbers slightly increased between September and October by four percent, they have largely remained consistent since July 2023. The Levada Center added that support for Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine remained high with 76 percent of respondents stating that they support Russian military operations in Ukraine. The Levada Center reported that 62 percent of surveyed Russians believe that the full-scale invasion is progressing well, while 21 percent of respondents believe that the war is going reasonably or very poorly for Russia.

The Levada Center reported on November 14 that two-thirds of respondents believe that Russia is headed in the right direction and of those who believe the opposite, 45 percent cited the war in Ukraine. Opposition-leaning Russian research organization Russian Field reported similar numbers supporting negotiations on November 15, noting that 48 percent of respondents said that Russia should engage in peace negotiations and that 74 percent would support Russian President Vladimir Putin if he signed a peace agreement “tomorrow.” 

Russian Field stated that 36 percent of respondents believe that the war is going well for Russia whereas 25 percent believe that the war is going poorly for Russia and that respondents who trust Telegram channels are twice as likely to believe that the war is going poorly for Russia as those who rely on Russian television.


War Heroes


Captain known as ‘Storm’ succumbs in battle near Kreminna, Luhansk Oblast. On August 29, 2023, Captain Vitalii Razhyk, known by his call sign ‘Storm,’ tragically lost his life during an assault targeting adversary positions in proximity to Kreminna, situated within the Luhansk Oblast. At the time of his passing, the brave officer was 24 years old, having celebrated his birthday in June.

Initially from the village of Abramivka in the Poltava Oblast, Vitalii harbored aspirations of a military career since his early years. His unwavering determination led him to enroll in a military university subsequent to completing his high school education. He pursued studies at the esteemed Heroes of Kruty Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization in Kyiv.

Initially deployed to defend the Kharkiv sector as the full-scale invasion commenced, the young officer later transitioned to serve in the ranks of the National Guard of Ukraine. He lent his expertise to the Azov Special Forces, which eventually evolved into the formidable 12th Azov Special Forces Brigade. Throughout his tenure, his commendable dedication and skill saw him rise through the ranks, achieving the rank of captain and assuming the responsibility of a platoon commander.

“I never met a braver man. He gave his young life for the future of Ukraine. He always tried to keep the personnel and succeeded. His subordinates called him a great man. He never told his family about the situation at the front and always said that everything was fine. Forever in our memory, forever in our hearts,” said Alina, the deceased’s fiancée. The officer was buried in his native village. Vitalii is survived by his parents, sister, fiancée, relatives, friends, and fighters-in-arms.


Latest news

  • The Guardian: EU plans fresh Russia sanctions including against Dmitry Medvedev’s son
  • Most Russian drones and a missile launched by Russia overnight downed by Ukraine
  • Ukrainian defenders eliminate 1,130 Russians in one day
  • UK intelligence: Russians are trying to get closer to Coke and Chemical Plant in Avdiivka but will suffer heavy losses
  • General Staff: Ukrainian defenders repel 22 Russian attacks on Marinka front

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