November 21,2023

Victory Chronicles-DAY 636

Russia built up substantial stock of cruise missiles likely for attacks in winter

According to an updated intelligence report from the UK Ministry of Defense, Russia has amassed a substantial number of cruise missiles, which it is likely to use in an attempt to target Ukraine’s critical infrastructure in the upcoming winter. 

The report indicates that Russia launched around 50 Iranian Shahed unmanned strike drones between November 18 and 19, 2023, primarily towards Kyiv. These drones were launched in waves from two directions, Kursk to the east and Krasnodar to the southeast. The report suggests that one of Russia’s objectives was to weaken Ukraine’s air defenses to prepare for a concentrated winter campaign targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. 

Furthermore, Russia has refrained from using its main air-launched cruise missiles from its heavy bombers for nearly two months, potentially indicating the accumulation of a significant stockpile of these weapons. The report concludes that Russia is likely to employ these missiles similarly to last year’s attempts to destroy Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure.


Symbolic number of the Day

100 million

US President Joe Biden has approved a new military aid package for Ukraine worth up to $100 million, which includes anti-aircraft missiles, artillery shells, anti-tank systems, and small arms ammunition. The announcement came during a visit by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to Kyiv.


War in Pictures


The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published photos of the night work of Ukrainian artillery in the Donetsk sector. “When night falls, the fire of our guns dispels the darkness… Night combat work of the 45th Airborne Brigade, Bakhmut direction,” the General Staff said in a statement on social media.


Video of the Day

Last night, the city hospital in Selydove was damaged by shelling. The buildings of the institution were partially destroyed. 7 people were injured. Emergency rescue operations are underway. The press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported this. The occupants also launched rocket attacks on a mine in the village of Mykhailivka. Rescuers removed the body of a deceased person from the rubble of the damaged building. Emergency rescue operations are complete.


ISW report


Chechen Republic Head Ramzan Kadyrov continues efforts to distinguish himself in the Russian information space, infringing on the generally accepted boundaries between Russian federal subject (region) heads and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

During a video conference on the renewal of the Russian public transport fleet in the Russian regions, Kadyrov publicly invited Putin, who was also on the call, to visit Chechnya. Kadyrov told Putin that Chechen elders had “scolded” Kadyrov because Putin has not visited Chechnya in a long time. Putin did not directly respond to the invitation and instead thanked Kadyrov and the Chechen people for their hard work in restoring the republic. Kadyrov’s public invitation to Putin, who has notably not visited Chechnya since 2011, places Putin in a difficult position, as he either ignores the invitation and risks snubbing Kadyrov, or he accepts the invitation and risks looking as though he is amendable to Kadyrov’s pressure. 

This implicit veiled challenge to Putin in a public forum is unusual and represents a clear attempt at informational posturing on the part of Kadyrov, who has recently tried to balance an apparent desire to curry favor with Putin while also appealing to his own Chechen constituency.


War Heroes


Vadym Pendiur, a machine gunner in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, tragically died near the village of Nevelske during a combat mission. He was fatally wounded by enemy artillery fire at the age of 24. Before joining the military, Vadym worked as a cook, pastry chef, bartender, and waiter and had even worked abroad in a construction company. Born in Vinnytsia Oblast, he settled in the village of Vinnytski Khutory after getting married and worked as a sales agent. Vadym was passionate about football and enjoyed playing in local teams. Inspired by his service, he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine in January 2023 and served in the 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade. Described as the soul of the company and a reliable comrade-in-arms, Vadym was always courageous and determined. His wife and family remember him as a loving husband, caring son, and good brother.

“Vadym loved life, always thought about the future, promised to return with victory. He was the soul of the company, a reliable comrade-in-arms. He always knew how to listen and support. His eyes were full of courage, determination and confidence. He was always the first to go into battle, but at the same time he kept a cold mind. A true hero. He had a kind, bright and open soul and a strong character. With his family, he was soft, gentle, sensitive, and loved children. He was a loving husband, a caring son and a good brother. He is alive for us. We are still waiting for him and love him very much. We were planning a little baby, but we were not destined for this happiness… My Angel, who will always be with me,” said Anastasia, the wife of the deceased.

Vadym was laid to rest in the village of Vinnytsia Khutory, where his family eagerly awaited his return.


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