November 23,2023

Victory Chronicles-DAY 638

Russians launch third wave of assaults on Avdiivka front

According to Commander Oleksandr Tarnavsky of the Tavria operational and strategic group, Russians have launched a third wave of assault operations on the Avdiivka front. Despite this, Ukrainian defenders are holding the line firmly. 

In the last day, Russia has suffered significant losses, with 706 casualties and the destruction of 51 pieces of military equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles, artillery systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and vehicles. Additionally, two ammunition depots and four important Russian facilities were destroyed. 

In general, Russia’s losses in manpower and armored vehicles are increasing in the Tauride front, with eight tanks destroyed and over 700 casualties. Russia has also conducted 11 air strikes, 56 combat engagements, and 973 shellings in the area of operations of the Tavria operational and strategic grouping, with 44 units of Russian equipment being damaged. Commander Tarnavsky also stated that the offensive is ongoing in the Melitopol sector.


Symbolic number of the Day


Over the past day, Ukrainian troops eliminated about 1,130 Russian soldiers and destroyed 20 Russian tanks, 36 armored combat vehicles, 33 artillery systems, 3 multiple launch rocket systems and 2 anti-aircraft missile systems. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported this.


War in Pictures


The combat medics of the 97th Battalion of the 60th Separate Mechanized Ingulets Brigade manage to save not only their fellow fighters, but also animals. “Some of the animals were adopted by new families, while those still looking for a home travel with our military. Unlike the enemy, we understand that every life is priceless,” the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in a statement.


Video of the Day

Ukrainian filmmaker and fighter Oleh Sentsov has released a video showing intense trench battles near Avdiivka. The footage, believed to be captured on fighter`s GoPro cameras, highlights a prolonged and heavy battle, including scenes of wounded fighters and one fighter’s selfless act to protect his comrades. The video, which lasts slightly over 30 minutes, documents the confrontation between Ukrainian defenders in the trenches and Russian occupiers attempting to breach their position. Ultimately, the fighters manage to retreat while successfully rescuing the wounded. 


ISW report


US National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby reported on November 21 that Iran is supplying Russia with glide bombs and that Iran may be preparing to transfer short-range ballistic missiles to Russia.

ISW has observed Russian forces increasingly using glide bombs, particularly modified FAB-500, KAB-500, and RPK-500 aerial bombs equipped with glide bomb structures, in the Lyman and Kherson directions. It is unclear whether Kirby meant that Iran is supplying Russia with glide bomb components or with fully constructed glide bombs. The Critical Threats Project (CTP)-ISW’s Iran Update reported on August 14 that Iran produces a variety of glide bombs domestically, such as the Ghaem glide bombs, Yasin long-range glide bombs, Sadid glide bombs, and Balaban glide bombs.

Iran commonly uses these bombs with its various drone platforms, likely including the Shahed-131/136 drones that Iran supplies to Russia. A Russian milblogger previously amplified claims that Russian Su-25 aircraft may be compatible with Iranian glide bombs. Iran presented several glide bomb variants at the Russian Army-2023 Forum in Moscow in August 2023 and possibly during Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to Tehran in September 2023. Kirby added that Iran also continues to supply Russia with drones and artillery ammunition.

Ukrainian Main Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) Deputy Chief Major General Vadym Skibitskyi stated on November 6 that Iran may continue to send small batches of Shahed-131/136 drones to Russia despite increased Russian efforts to produce Shahed drones domestically and Iran’s fulfillment of its first Shahed supply contracts with Russia. CTP-ISW previously assessed that Iran and Russia may conclude a drone and missile sale agreement following the expiration of UN missile restrictions against Iranian missile and missile-related technology exports on October 18, 2023.


War Heroes


On November 13, 2023, a rocket attack carried out by Russians targeted Kherson, including a hospital in the city center. One of the casualties was Oksana Chikhrak, a 24-year-old nurse who was on duty at the time. She sustained injuries from mine blasts and аcute barotrauma, and her condition was initially assessed as moderate. Tragically, Oksana passed away a week later, on November 20, while still in the hospital. Born on July 9, 1999, in the village of Novotroitske in the Kherson Oblast, Oksana received her education at Genichesk Medical College. In 2019, she began working as a nurse in the burn unit of the Kherson Oblast Hospital after graduating. Colleagues described her as kind, fair, and honest.

“She was kind, fair, honest and always smiling. She is a really bright and compassionate girl, and there are very few of them, very rare in life. Our entire team was very lucky to know, work with, and be friends with her,” said colleague Anna Posunko.

“She is always reliable, responsible, calm, smiling, fast as the wind and bright as the morning sun. Her belief in justice, the power of goodness, victory, and dedication to her work gave everyone strength and inspiration,” Oksana’s colleagues added. Oksana is survived by her parents, beloved husband, and other relatives.


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