November 24,2023

Victory Chronicles-DAY 639

Ukraine’s Defense Forces repel 20 enemy attacks in Avdiivka sector

Russian-terrorist forces, supported by aviation, are trying to encircle Avdiivka in the Avdiivka sector. Ukrainian defense forces have repelled 20 attacks in the past day. The enemy launched 2 missile attacks, 42 air strikes, and 53 attacks from multiple rocket launchers, resulting in civilian casualties and damage to residential buildings and infrastructure. Ukrainian air defense forces intercepted all combat UAVs used in an attack at night. Russian aircraft targeted various areas in different regions, and more than 120 settlements came under enemy artillery fire. 

The “North” operational and strategic grouping in the Volyn and Polissia directions has not seen significant changes in the operational situation. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue their offensive operation in the Melitopol sector, causing losses to the Russian-terrorist forces. 

In the Kherson sector, Ukrainian defenders are holding their positions and conducting counter-battery combat. The Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have targeted areas with enemy manpower, weapons, and military equipment. Missile troops have also struck multiple enemy targets.


Symbolic number of the Day

4.8 billion

The Ukrainian government plans to allocate 175 billion hryvnia ($4.8 billion) for the purchase of shells and missiles, with an additional 80 billion hryvnia ($2.2 billion) for military equipment, as part of the country’s 2024 defense budget. The priority will be given to repairing damaged military equipment and purchasing spare parts. The government aims to make these purchases from domestic suppliers, with over 190 billion hryvnias ($5.2 billion) estimated to stay within the country.


War in Pictures


On November 24th, Russian invaders launched an attack on a children’s library in Kherson. The head of the Kherson Oblast Military Administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, confirmed the incident, stating that the library was hit by a shell, resulting in its destruction. Fortunately, no casualties were reported, and Prokudin assured that the library building would be repaired. In addition to the library, several other locations in Kherson were affected by the attack. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that fires had broken out in a residential building, a car, and an outbuilding. However, despite the constant shelling, firefighters managed to extinguish all the fires. This incident highlights the ongoing aggression and destruction caused by the Russian invaders in the region.


Video of the Day

A company of the 92nd Brigade’s AHILLES attack aircraft destroyed a BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher in the Bakhmut sector and caused significant damage to a BMP-2. The BM-21 Grad has 40 guides and can fire up to 40 km. It is designed for general fire support of divisions and brigades, destruction of manpower, armored vehicles and unarmored equipment, field fortifications.


ISW report


Russian milbloggers appear to be focusing renewed complaints against the Russian military command for what milbloggers perceive as poor choices that contribute to Russian casualties. Russian milbloggers expressed anger on November 21 and 22 after a Ukrainian HIMARS strike on Kumachove, Donetsk Oblast (37km southeast of Donetsk City and 61km from the frontline) allegedly killed over 25 and injured over 100 personnel of the 810th Naval Infantry Brigade (Black Sea Fleet) who were attending a concert for a Russian military holiday on November 19.

The milbloggers largely focused on poor security measures, criticizing the Russian command for allowing a large gathering of people within HIMARS range of the frontline in violation of operational security principles. The milbloggers largely called for the Russian military to ban such events and expressed frustration that the Russian military command has not learned this lesson despite nearly two years of war and multiple instances in which publicly available information facilitated Ukrainian strikes.

Though this strike does not affect the battlefield situation in Ukraine, the Russian milbloggers’ reaction to this strike reflects the Russian ultranationalist community’s continued frustration with the Russian military command’s management of the war. Russian milbloggers have recently begun to complain about the Russian military command following a period of self-censorship likely prompted by the death of Wagner Group financier Yevgeny Prigozhin and the arrests of highly critical Russian ultranationalist milbloggers in summer 2023.

The milbloggers’ complaints have largely focused on how the Russian military command’s poor conduct of the war and poor discipline have led to poor treatment of Russian military personnel and casualties instead of focusing on the success or failure of Russian military operations. Russian milbloggers have routinely complained that the Russian military command’s orders to use “meat assaults” to push Ukrainian forces from positions on the east (left) bank of Kherson Oblast have led to extensive Russian casualties, for example.


War Heroes

Dmytro Porozhnyi, a 26-year-old junior sergeant in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, was tragically killed during a combat mission to cross the Dnipro River. An enemy shell hit the boat he was in, causing a fatal shrapnel wound and traumatic brain injury. Dmytro had a strong sense of patriotism and joined the military at the age of 19. He served in various brigades and defended the beret of the color of the sea wave.

After leaving the army, he worked in the marketing department of Agromarket and had aspirations in the IT sector. At the beginning of the invasion, he immediately returned to military service and commanded a unit of the 126th separate territorial defense brigade. Dmytro was described as a good man with a big heart, who always took care of his comrades and achieved his goals. 

“Dima was a good man with a big heart. He was cheerful, responsible, always knew what he wanted and achieved his goals. He used to say: “We are preparing for the worst, and the best will come.” He was a true patriot of Ukraine, devoted to his cause. From the first days he went to defend it. He could not sit at home, he said: “I am needed there, I know what to do.” He was a great commander, always worried about “his guys” more than himself, took care of everyone, taught them everything he knew and supported them. He courageously fulfilled his duty and work no matter what, he was always “all right”. He knew how much we loved and supported him. We are proud of him! Dima is a loving and best son, a most valuable brother, a faithful and beloved husband, and a good nephew. A true friend and support for his father. A loving brother who protected his sister and helped her. A beloved husband, an incredible support and pillar of strength. We did not have time to get married, to achieve everything we planned, to create the family of our dreams. Dima gave the most valuable thing he loved so much – his life. “He was always faithful, just as he swore! The pain of loss is irreparable for us…” said Valeria Zaitseva, the deceased’s beloved.

He was buried in his native village, leaving behind a grieving family, friends and brothers-in-arms.


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