January 11,2024

Victory Chronicles-DAY 687

13 injured in Russia’s Jan. 10 missile attack on Kharkiv

Russia’s rocket attack on Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine has resulted in 13 people being injured, according to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service. This attack is part of a continuous assault on the city, with missiles being launched from Belgorod by Russian troops. Preliminary reports indicated that 11 people were wounded in the attack, including a journalist staying at a hotel that was targeted. The hotel had over 30 civilians inside when the missile strike occurred, and victims included hotel employees and guests. 

The attack caused significant damage to the hotel, with one missile hitting the facade of the building and another hitting the roof. This assault is part of the almost daily attacks that the region near the Russian border, including Kharkiv and other towns, has been facing. The region also experienced shelling on January 9, which damaged a medical building, a canteen, and a children’s recreation center but caused no casualties.


Symbolic number of the Day


According to Vadym Skibitskyi, the Deputy Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Russia’s ground forces, consisting of 462,000 soldiers and officers, are currently concentrated in Ukraine. 

Skibitskyi stated that Russia cannot currently conduct strategic ground offensive operations against other countries because their land forces are fully deployed on Ukrainian territory. He also mentioned that there is no immediate threat of war breaking out in the Baltic states due to the lack of available Russian troops. 

Skibitskyi revealed that the Russian Army grouping fighting in Ukraine is manned at around 92-95% and stated that constant mobilization efforts have maintained this level. This allows for rotations, the withdrawal of exhausted units, and the avoidance of a new wave of mobilization. 


War in Pictures


The Public Relations Service of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of the Zakarpattia Oblast showed the work of the self-propelled artillery unit of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade. “Effective fire at enemy vehicles, strongholds, ammunition depots. The self-propelled fighters have nerves of steel, a steady hand and a clear mind!” the Public Relations Service said in a statement. 


Video of the Day

Ukrainian drone hit hiding Russian soldiers behind the destroyed war machines on the battlefield near Avdiivka in Ukraine in undated footage. The 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade released the footage on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024.


ISW report


European Union (EU) Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton stated that the EU will be able to supply Ukraine with one million shells by spring 2024. Breton stated that the EU will need to reduce its ammunition exports to non-EU countries and ensure that EU countries pressure their defense industries to increase production.

Breton stated that it is “extremely important” for the EU to have the same weapons production capacity as Russia and that the EU could reach this goal within 18 months to two years. CBC News reported on January 9 that Canada has yet to deliver the NASAMS air defense system that it pledged to send to Ukraine in January 2023. CBC News also reported that one of the two companies building the NASAMS system claimed that it does not have a Canadian contract for the system.Ukrainian military officials recently noted that Ukraine has a shortage of anti-aircraft guided missiles after several recent large Russian missile and drone strikes. Ukrainian forces also reportedly face artillery ammunition shortages on the frontline.


War Heroes


The defender Yurii Bryzh, with call sign Mechanic, died on September 19, 2023, near the village of Robotyno, Zaporizhzhia Oblast. While performing a combat mission, he came under enemy fire and was mortally wounded. On August 26, the defender turned 22 years old.

Yuriі was born in the village of Triskyni, Rivne Oblast. After graduating from a village school, he studied mechanics in Kyiv. Since he was very fond of cars, he earned money by doing what he loved – repairing sports racing cars.

With the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, the man defended the capital by joining the 241st separate territorial defense brigade. Later, he was transferred to the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade “Magura” and served in intelligence.

“We served together in the 241st Brigade, Yurii was always cheerful, friendly and brave,” said his sister. The young Hero was buried in his native village. Yurii is survived by his mother, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and fighters-in-arms. 

*Yuriі’s story on the Heroes Memorial – a platform for stories about the fallen defenders of Ukraine.


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