April 4,2024

Victory Chronicles-DAY 771

Drone attack on Kharkiv: Four people killed, including three rescuers

A drone attack in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has resulted in the deaths of four people, including three rescuers. Russian forces were responsible for the attack, which occurred on Thursday night. Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov confirmed the casualties, stating that three rescuers were killed and one was injured in a second attack on the scene. 

Additionally, the body of a civilian woman was found. The attack also left ten people wounded, with one man in serious condition and the others in moderate or satisfactory condition. 

Among the wounded was a nurse from the Oblast Emergency Medical Center who had responded to a call for help. The attack, conducted by enemy combat drones, caused several explosions in the city.


Symbolic number of the Day

€11 million

Latvia has announced that it will allocate €1 million for drones and €10 million for shells to support Ukraine. This is part of a new security assistance package that Latvia is developing for Ukraine. The drones, which have been tested and approved, will be the first to be sent as part of a drone coalition. Additionally, Latvia will contribute financially to the Czech-led initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine. The Latvian Prime Minister, Evika Siliņa, stated that the next package of military assistance, including logistics, ammunition, and weapons, is expected to be delivered later this month. 


War in Pictures


Police in Donetsk Oblast document the aftermath of the nighttime shelling of Mykolaivka and Selidove. Russia dropped four planning bombs on the residential sector of Mykolaivka, injuring three civilians who were taken to hospital. The attack damaged apartment buildings, private houses, hotels, administrative buildings, bus stops, and cars. In response, police officers from Mykolaiivka community provided immediate assistance to the victims. In addition, five S-300 missiles were fired at Selydove, damaging 20 residential buildings, seven administrative buildings and five private garages. The occupiers behind these attacks are responsible for the destruction and damage.


Video of the Day

The 46th separate airmobile brigade of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces successfully destroyed an enemy Grad multiple rocket launcher system (MLRS) using a first-person view (FPV) drone. The brigade shared the news on Facebook and posted a video of the incident. “The enemy’s Grad multiple launch rocket system was destroyed by our brigade’s paratroopers using an FPV drone. It was an enchanting sight. The fireworks exceeded all expectations,” the paratroopers said.


ISW report


Russian forces appear to have increased the number and size of mechanized ground assaults on select sectors of the frontline within the past two weeks, marking a notable overall increase in Russian mechanized assaults across the theater. Ukrainian officials stated on March 20 that Ukrainian forces repelled a large Russian assault in the Lyman direction and published geolocated footage showing Ukrainian forces damaging or destroying several Russian armored vehicles east of Terny (west of Kreminna).

Ukrainian forces later defeated a battalion-sized Russian mechanized assault near Tonenke (west of Avdiivka) on March 30 to which Russian forces reportedly committed at least 36 tanks and 12 BMP infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs).

A Ukrainian serviceman stated that Ukrainian forces destroyed 12 Russian tanks and eight IFVs during the assault near Tonenke, and Russian forces have likely only conducted one other mechanized assault of that scale along the entire frontline since the beginning of the Russian campaign to seize Avdiivka in October 2023, which was also near Terny on January 20. Geolocated footage published on April 3 shows Ukrainian forces repelling a roughly reinforced platoon-sized mechanized Russian assault near Terny. The April 3 footage is likely recent and is distinct from the March 20 footage of Russian assaults near Terny. Russian forces may be intensifying mechanized assaults before muddy terrain becomes more pronounced in the spring and makes mechanized maneuver warfare more difficult. Russian forces may also be intensifying mechanized assaults to take advantage of Ukrainian materiel shortages before the arrival of expected Western security assistance.

Russian forces may be intensifying the overall tempo of their offensive operations in Ukraine. The intensification of Russian mechanized assaults has occurred generally at the same time as intensified missile and drone strikes against Ukrainian energy facilities. Russian forces escalated its strike campaign in Ukraine by beginning a new pattern of striking hydroelectric power plants around March 22, for example. Russian forces may be intensifying strikes to further pressure the Ukrainian command to deploy air defense systems away from the front in order to more safely intensify aviation operations in support of ground operations.

Ukrainian military observer Kostyantyn Mashovets reported that Russian forces have been gradually moving materiel and personnel to frontline positions in small increments making it difficult for Ukrainian forces to monitor Russian force accumulations, suggesting that Russian forces have been preparing for larger-scale assault operations. US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell stated on April 3 that the US assesses that Russia has “almost completely reconstituted militarily” over the past several months, suggesting that Russia is preparing and may already have sufficient manpower and materiel to significantly intensify ongoing offensive operations or initiate offensive efforts in new areas of the theater.


War heroes


Senior fighter Oleh Romenskyi, with the call sign Roman, died on November 25, 2023, while performing a combat mission near the village of Synkivka, Kupiansk district, Kharkiv Oblast. During an enemy mortar attack, he received a fatal head wound. The warrior was 21 years old.

Oleh was born in the village of Yerky, Poltava Oblast. In 2008, he entered the first grade of Yerky school. In 2011, he continued his studies at Trudolyubivska school, which he graduated from in 6 years. Then he got a degree in electrical engineering at the Khorol Agricultural and Industrial College. He was fond of sports. He loved life.

In September 2021, after graduation, he signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He performed combat missions in the Joint Forces Operation as part of the 95th separate air assault brigade. From the first days of the full-scale invasion, he continued to defend Ukraine from the enemy together with his fighters-in-arms. He served as an operator of the Strela-10 air defense system. In November 2022, he was awarded the Cross of Honor by the 95th Air Assault Brigade for his dedication and high professionalism in the defense of Ukraine. 

“Oleh was always a smiling, sincere and conscientious person. He had many friends and was energetic in life, and this is how we will remember him. This is a great loss for all of us. War takes the best,” said Kateryna, the deceased’s sister. The young paratrooper was buried in his native village. Oleh is survived by his parents and sister. 

*Oleh’s story on the Heroes Memorial – a platform for stories about the fallen defenders of Ukraine.


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