June 11,2024

Victory Chronicles-DAY 839

Scholz promises delivery of air defense systems and ammunition in coming "weeks and months"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has pledged to deliver air defense systems and ammunition to Ukraine in the coming weeks and months. Speaking at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin, Scholz emphasized the importance of a strong and independent Ukraine in the face of Russian imperialism. 

He stated that the Ukrainian army’s most pressing need is ammunition and weapons, particularly air defense systems. Scholz revealed that Germany plans to supply Ukraine with the third Patriot air defense system, as well as IRIS-T and Gepard systems and additional missiles and ammunition. 

He called on other countries at the conference to support Germany’s efforts in bolstering Ukraine’s air defense capabilities through any means possible.


Symbolic number of the Day

$56.2 billion

A study by the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) has revealed that as of May 2024, Ukraine’s energy sector has incurred losses of $56.2 billion due to the full-scale invasion by Russia. The report highlights that these losses consist of both direct and indirect financial impacts. Direct losses amount to over $16.1 billion, with the destruction of electricity generation facilities causing $8.5 billion in losses, main electricity transmission lines causing $2.1 billion, and oil and gas infrastructure resulting in $3.3 billion in damages. Indirect losses are estimated at nearly $40.1 billion, primarily due to lost revenues of energy companies amounting to $39.6 billion. Additionally, $0.5 billion has been spent on debris removal and dismantling of damaged facilities. The study also highlights that the required restoration efforts, including rebuilding destroyed facilities to a better state, amount to $50.5 billion.


War in Pictures


Russian aviation conducted an air strike on the town of Kostyantynivka, Donetsk Oblast, dropping a 500-kilogram guided bomb on a residential area. As a result, five people were injured, including a 65-year-old man and two women aged 63 and 88, who were taken to hospital with head injuries and lacerations. The bomb damaged at least 13 residential buildings, shattering windows and glass. 

The airstrike took place at 23:20 on June 10, and the bomb was equipped with a universal planning and correction module. The victims were provided with emergency medical care and received proper treatment for injuries sustained from the blast wave and glass shards.


Video of the Day

June 10, Kharkiv: an operation to rescue a man trapped under the rubble of his own house lasted for about an hour. Yesterday afternoon, the Russian occupiers carried out massive air strikes on residential areas of Kharkiv. The shelling damaged residential and commercial buildings and caused fires. There are casualties. A man born in 1947 was trapped under the rubble of a residential building. The rescuers used special tools to reach the man and rescue him. An emergency medical team later hospitalized him.


ISW report


Ukrainian strikes against Russian military and logistics assets in connection to the United States’ partial removal of Russian sanctuary in Belgorod Oblast may have compelled Russian forces to change their deployment and transport patterns. 

The Crimea-based Atesh Ukrainian partisan movement reported on June 10 that Russian forces recently redeployed air defense systems from occupied Crimea to Belgorod Oblast and that Russian air defenses are not completely covering Crimea as a result.

Footage dated June 8 shows that Russia has begun transporting fuel across the Kerch Strait across the railway bridge. 

Ukrainian Southern Operational Command Spokesperson Captain Third Rank Dmytro Pletenchuk stated on April 29 that Russian authorities have not transported fuel across the Kerch Strait railway bridge since March 2024 due to the threat of a Ukrainian strike against the bridge as a fuel transport crossed, which could ignite and possibly destroy the bridge.

Ukrainian military–focused news outlet Militarnyi assessed on June 10 that Ukrainian strikes against railway barges across the Kerch Strait on May 30 prompted Russian authorities to begin transporting fuel across the railway bridge again. It is unclear whether Russian authorities will continue to use the Kerch Strait railway bridge for fuel and logistics transport to occupied Crimea in the near to medium term. 

Doing so would likely alleviate some logistics constraints as Russia struggles to compensate for lost ferries across the strait but would leave the Kerch Strait bridge increasingly vulnerable to Ukrainian strikes, particularly if Russian air defense coverage of Crimea is degraded as Atesh reported.


War heroes

30-year-old fighter Serhii Tretiak, with the call signs Mojahed and Majik, died on October 22, 2023, while performing a combat mission in Sumy Oblast. He received a fatal explosive injury when he and his group were tracking the movements of enemy subversive reconnaissance groups.

Serhii Ihorovych was born in Kyiv. He graduated from the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, with a degree in economic cybernetics. He worked there as an employee of the Technical Support Department of the educational process, and before the invasion, he worked in private security. He read a lot of literature, was interested in history, and wrote poetry. He loved to cook, especially Georgian pastries. He always helped people in different situations.

With the outbreak of a full-scale war, on his birthday, February 24, 2022, the man stood up to defend his native capital. He was a volunteer with the Volunteer Formation of the Territorial Community No. 9. Later, he became a fighter of the consolidated unit of the 138th Special Forces Center (Countering Sabotage and Terrorist Acts), named after Prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavych (military unit A0952), which is part of the Military Law Enforcement Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Along the front line, he fought in hot spots in Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia.  In the summer of 2023, he was awarded the Golden Cross honorary decoration.

“He was a soul for us, but he became a guardian angel…” Alina Pshenyuk wrote. The Hero was buried in the village of Mostyshche in Kyiv Oblast. Serhii is survived by his parents, relatives and friends. 

*Serhiy’s story on the Heroes Memorial – a platform for stories about the fallen defenders of Ukraine.


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