June 13,2024

Victory Chronicles-DAY 841

Number of wounded in Kryvyi Rih increased due to Russian attack

On June 12, the city of Kryvyi Rih in Ukraine’s Dnipro Oblast was struck by a missile attack launched by Russia, resulting in significant casualties.

The attack caused injuries to 29 people and the deaths of 9 individuals. By the following day, June 13, the count of injured rose to 32, including 5 children. Out of those injured, 13 were admitted to the hospital, with 5 in serious condition and 1 in an extremely critical state. Medical teams are actively providing necessary care and striving to save lives. In response to this tragedy, Kryvyi Rih will observe a day of mourning on June 14 to honor those affected by the attack. Cleanup efforts are ongoing, with 12 public utility teams engaged in the operations.


Symbolic number of the Day


According to a poll conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), 60% of Ukrainians believe that Russia’s main goal towards Ukraine is either the genocide or destruction of the Ukrainian nation. The majority (34%) believe that Russia wants to destroy the Ukrainian nation, while 26% believe that Russia aims to commit physical genocide against the majority of the population. Another 6% of Ukrainians believe that Russia wants to subjugate all territories while leaving them some cultural autonomy within Russia. Additionally, 12% of Ukrainians think that Russia seeks to change the government and create a puppet state that would be subject to the whole of Russia. Only 7% of Ukrainians believe that Russia wants to retain the already occupied territories without claiming all or most of Ukraine’s territories. It should be noted that 5% of respondents chose an answer that seemed close to Russian propaganda, advocating for “denazification” and demilitarization of Ukraine without encroaching on its independence.


War in Pictures


Firefighting continues at an industrial plant in Kyiv Oblast as a result of Russia’s armed aggression. A total of 249 rescuers, 98 pieces of equipment, and four fire trains are working at the scene.


Video of the Day

The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the Russians’ newest communication station. For the first time in the history of war

The 3rd Regiment of the Special Forces operators identified a Russian digital radio relay station R-416GM while working in one of the operational areas.

The Russian army adopted this system in 2018. The mobile station is designed to improve the efficiency of radio relay units in the field.

“Our operators struck an enemy target with one of the latest developments that has been put into service by the Special Forces. As a result of the accurate work, the R-416GM station was damaged. As a result, communication between the command post and the terrorists’ army units was disrupted.” -said in the message of the Special Operations forces.


ISW report


Ukrainian forces may be conducting an effort aimed at degrading Russian air defenses, which, if successful, could enable Ukraine to more effectively leverage manned fixed-wing airpower in the long run. The Ukrainian General Staff reported on June 12 that Ukrainian forces targeted one S-300 air defense battery and two S-400 air defense batteries near occupied Belbek and Sevastopol, Crimea overnight on June 11 to 12.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that the strikes destroyed at least two S-300/S-400 Russian air defense radar systems and caused secondary ammunition detonations, and that the Ukrainian military is clarifying battle damage. Geolocated imagery published on June 12 shows damaged and destroyed Russian S-300 assets north of occupied Yevpatoria and a destroyed Russian S-400 radar system south of occupied Dzhankoy, supporting the Ukrainian General Staff’s June 10 report about strikes against Russian air defense assets in these areas.

Some Russian sources speculated that Ukrainian forces used ATACMS in the June 11 to 12 strike, although ISW is unable to confirm which systems Ukrainian forces used. Founder of the Ukrainian Main Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) “Kraken” Regiment Kostyantyn Nemichev confirmed on June 12 that Ukrainian forces used HIMARS to destroy four Russian S-300 systems in Belgorod Oblast on an unspecified date, and Ukrainian outlet Suspilne referred to Nemichev’s statements as the first official Ukrainian confirmation of strikes against a Russian S-300 battery in Belgorod Oblast on June 1 or 2.

Ukrainian forces’ destruction of the Russian air defense systems in Belgorod Oblast reportedly prompted the Russian command to deploy air defense assets from Crimea to Belgorod Oblast in early June 2024, reportedly degrading Russian air defense coverage around Crimea. GUR Spokesperson Andriy Yusov also clarified on June 12 that Ukrainian drone strikes against the Akhtubinsk Airfield in Astrakhan Oblast between June 7 and 8 damaged two Russian Su-57 fighter aircraft instead of just one aircraft as previously reported. S-300/S-400 air defense systems and Su-57 fighters are significant Russian air defense and aviation assets that deny Ukraine the ability to fly aircraft near the front and support Russian offensive operations in Ukraine.


War heroes


32-year-old Senior Lieutenant Oleh Kytun, with the call sign Kit, died on January 18, 2024 near the village of Vilshana, Kupiansk district, Kharkiv Oblast. He was fatally wounded on a combat position as a result of a small arms battle and mortar attack. 

Oleh Vladyslavovych was a native of the village of Velyki Teptsevychi, Rivne Oblast. Since childhood he was fond of sports. While studying at school, he was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling. Later, he continued his studies at a boarding school in Berezne, Rivne Oblast. In 2013, he graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education, specializing in Greco-Roman wrestling, at the Ivan Bobersky Lviv State University of Physical Culture. He worked as a physical education teacher at a school in the village of Bilska Volia and as a coach at the Varaska Children’s and Youth Sports School and the MGym Sports Club.

“Throughout his studies, he persistently improved his sports skills, which allowed him to complete the first sports category. He has repeatedly won regional championships and participated in national tournaments. In his communication outside the wrestling mat, he was reserved, polite and friendly, and in everyday life he was neat and unpretentious… With great love he worked with children in wrestling sections in the village of Bilska Volia and the city of Volodymyrets, Rivne Oblast. 

Oleh did everything he could. Oleh gave everything he had. For Ukraine, for every Ukrainian. Oleh lived a short life, but with dignity,” said his brother Ivan. The officer was buried in his native village. Oleh is survived by his parents, brother, sister and grandfather.

*Oleh’s story on the Heroes Memorial – a platform for stories about the fallen defenders of Ukraine.


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