DAY 84

Victory Chronicles
-DAY 84

May 19,2022


“Giving Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership in June will not be a revolution, but a recognition. Ukraine needs the EU as much as Ukraine needs the EU. We will make a significant contribution to Europe’s economic development. We will guarantee European food security. We will accelerate Europe’s ‘green’ transition by exporting Ukrainian green hydrogen, biogas and wind energy. Together with you, we will promote the digitalisation of Europe. With the strongest and most experienced army in Europe, we will significantly strengthen Europe’s security. We are already doing this, defending our part of Europe and dying for the values ​​we share with you.”


In a presentation to the EU foreign affairs council, Ukraine Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov provided estimated numbers of enemy troops used in Ukraine.

Total combined troops used against Ukraine is about 167 thousand with ninety-two battalion groups deployed in Ukraine. Seventeen of those battalion groups have been destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

Russia can probably muster an fifty-five additional battalion groups within 30 to 60 days. A battalion group is about one thousand soldiers.


All along the front from Izyum in Kharkiv oblast to Kherson in southern Ukraine, Russian forces are digging in, destroying roads and bridges to consolidate gains. Many analysts call this could be the beginning of the third phase – protracted conflict.

Similar to the situation for the last eight years, fire skirmishes are taking place all along the line. Since pushing the invaders to the Russian border in Kharkiv last week, Ukraine has not launched a large offensive. Western heavy weapons continue to flow in and Ukrainian forces are being trained in their deployment.

The barbarian nation continues shelling civilian and cultural centers in Chernihiv, Sumy and Odesa oblast overnight.

Kherson Oblast and the Zaporizhzhian nuclear city of Enerhodar are undergoing the fake propagandistic legitimation process in anticipation of long-term occupation.


Ukrainian defense of Mariupol has come to an end. Russians have declared victory over a pile of broken concrete and ashes that they created with eighty days of relentless bombing.

The fate of the 264 evacuated defenders and those remaining in Azovstal remains unknown. No one expects Russians to act with honor or dignity.

The Russian blogosphere is replete with anger that Russia would follow international POW rules of war and not kill all the fascists outright.

Ukrainian military

Defenders deploy a Javelin anti tank gun on a Ukraine-produced combat- modified electric bike. Photo via Euromaidan Press

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