DAY 92

Victory Chronicles
-DAY 92

May 26,2022


Above: Small area of intense Russian focus is 75 miles wide.  Photo via New York Times

  • The buildup around Severodonetsk is starting to feel like a desperate final gambit for Putin.  The enemy has piled up an immense quantity of troops and weapons, concentrated for attack on the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk urban metroplex. Ukraine has far fewer resources and depends entirely on the immediate supply of superior weapons from the West.


Above: Russian trucks plundering food from southern Ukraine. Screenshot from video via NEXTA

  • Just like Soviets in the Holodomor and Nazi’s in World War Two, Russians take out Ukraine’s rich assets by train and truck.  New video shows truck convoys in Kherson heading south to Crimea, stripping the area of “agricultural products”. (Watch on NEXTA Twitter)
  • In the coastal area of southern Zaporizhzhya and Kherson oblasts, Russians not doing much more than digging into and plundering. They have started involuntarily revoking Ukrainian citizenship of residents, handing out enemy passports.


Above: Soviet T-62 tanks in Moscow parade circa 1960s. Photo via partisan1943

  • Ukrainian General Staff reported the increasing appearance of ancient enemy Soviet T-62 tanks, leading analysts to conclude that mother Russia is running out of modern tanks.  Russia has up to 2900 of these 50+ year-old tanks in storage that they can feed to the frontlines for a long time – unless Ukraine is equipped to defeat the enemy now. (See more)


Drone modified to drop Molotov cocktails, co-created by volunteer defense forces and a brewery.  Photo via DroneDJ 

  • Military commanders, pundits and journalists are amazed at Ukrainian secret weapons – creativity and skill – when it comes to defeating the northern horde.   They have suppressed enemy aircraft without a real airforce and devastated the enemy navy without a real navy.  They have defined drone and shoulder-fired missile use for a new era. They are taking every bit of equipment and maximizing its use “in ways that I did not know were possible” according to retired US General Ben Hodges.

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