Danylyszyn: Another batch of aid is coming from Argentina to Ukraine

August 15,2023 801
Danylyszyn: Another batch of aid is coming from Argentina to Ukraine

Ukrainians in Argentina have sent a new batch of aid – food, bicycles for people with disabilities, medicines and tablets for water purification – to Ukraine, said Jorge Danylyszyn, UWC Vice President in South America, President of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Cultural Society “Prosvita.”

“Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian organizations made a lot of efforts to purchase or donate. Currently, Argentina is in first place in Latin America regarding the volume of food transported to Ukraine,” Ukrainians in Argentina reported.

This is already the 14th batch of aid, which includes 7,000 kilograms of food. In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Argentina has sent more than 122 tons of humanitarian cargo to Ukraine, becoming the first in Latin America by this indicator.

“The Ukrainian Cultural Society “Prosvita” joined the #UniteWithUkraine initiative, in response to the calls of the Ukrainian World Congress,” the organisers added.

The aid was collected, among other things, thanks to the efforts of the Embassy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, as well as the Solidaire public organization.

“Unfortunately, the war continues, the aggressor does not think of stopping, shelling of the civilian population continues, Ukraine is fighting for its own freedom, defending its independence. The help that comes from different parts of the world, including Argentina, is very important. Therefore, we expect that Argentina, the Ukrainian diaspora, will continue to be active participants in assisting the affected Ukrainian population,” Yurii Klymenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Argentina, said.