Call To action! 365 days of Russia’s full-scale invasion and 9 years of war against Ukraine

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February 7,2023 2081
Call To action! 365 days of Russia’s full-scale invasion and 9 years of war against Ukraine

February 24th marks a year since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in a war that has persisted for nine years. The Kremlin orchestrates hostilities, violating all possible norms of international law. The brave Ukrainian people are defending themselves and the whole world at the cost of their lives. Ukrainians hold back an insane aggressor who threatens to turn the planet into nuclear waste. Glorious Ukrainian warriors have been restraining the enemy, thanks to you.

We call on Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine worldwide to jointly support Ukraine and the Ukrainian World Congress’s campaign dedicated to the 365 days of full-scale Russian invasion and nine years of Russian war against Ukraine. Let’s unite with Ukraine on February 24! We invite you to cooperate with your countries’ embassies, consulates, and spiritual leaders. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the UGCC, and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine have approved our campaign.

We call on Ukrainians worldwide to jointly support Ukraine and organize the following:

World-wide events – candle light light vigils on February 24

Illumination of Important Buildings – in blue and yellow colours

Government Support – work with your federal, state (provincial), and city governments to dedicate a session in their legislature to :

  • Proclaim support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity; be sure to highlight this includes Crimea and the Donbas
  • Hold a moment of silence to honour the tens of thousands of dead
  • Fly the Ukrainian flag all week
  • Announce further assistance for Ukraine
  • Announce further assistance for Displaced Persons

Joint Prayers – working with all denominations

Film screenings and discussions – build awareness across our community, including in youth organizations, cultural collectives, and religious and other communities. Send us your best pictures.

Flying the Colours – use this opportunity to place Ukrainian flags on homes, buildings, businesses, billboards, and cars.

Download banners and campaign materials here:

Each of us can become a part of history – the history of the victory of Ukraine and the world over the forces of evil. Support Ukraine and its people!