Diaspora’s role in rebuilding Ukraine: UWC leadership joins Forum in Kyiv

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May 29,2024 298
Diaspora’s role in rebuilding Ukraine: UWC leadership joins Forum in Kyiv

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) leadership participated in “The Role of Diaspora Institutions in Attracting Investments for the Rebuilding of Ukraine” Forum, an expert meeting organized by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

UWC President Paul Grod addressed the attendees with a speech, emphasizing that the rebuilding of Ukraine is one of the three main priorities of the Ukrainian World Congress. “Our focus is on the rebuilding of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which is currently destroyed by Russian bombs, and on strengthening it through our global platform, Energize Ukraine,” said Grod.

UWC President emphasized that continuing to build and strengthen the diaspora is critical for Ukraine’s future success. “I want to acknowledge and underscore the title of this conference, particularly the recognition of the diaspora as an institution. Effective institutions have ensured a patriotic, organized, and effective diaspora that has created a strong coalition of allies for Ukraine,” added Grod.

Another key focus of the UWC’s efforts is the development, quantity, and effectiveness of Ukrainian professional and business associations and chambers of commerce worldwide. “We are building a strong foundation of capable and dedicated Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to begin rebuilding today. We approach this systematically with a long-term horizon,” said Paul Grod.

Dmitrii Lecartev, President of the National Congress of Ukrainians in Moldova, and Alexandru Greceniuc, President of SKUMO (World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations), attended the Forum in Kyiv. 

Participating remotely were Bohdan Rajčinec, President of the European Congress of Ukrainians; Zenon Potoczny, UWC Vice President for Operations; Miroslav Hočak, UWC Vice President for South Eastern Europe; and Mykhaylo Petrunyak Kmetyuk, President of the Federation of Associations of Ukrainians in Spain.

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