Dmytro Kuleba, Denys Shmyhal, and Hanna Malyar greeted the UWC on its 55th anniversary

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November 14,2022 628
Dmytro Kuleba, Denys Shmyhal, and Hanna Malyar greeted the UWC on its 55th anniversary

The Ukrainian World Congress received warm greetings from the heads of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine on the 55th anniversary of the Congress’ foundation.

“I am pleased to greet you on the 55th anniversary of the Ukrainian World Congress. Back in 1967, in New York, the founding fathers of the UWC set the goal of consolidating the efforts of Ukrainians worldwide for the revival of independent Ukraine,” wrote the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, in a celebratory letter. He called the Congress “the heart of the efforts of Ukrainians abroad”, which remains its “leading force already in independent Ukraine”.

“At home, we highly appreciate your efforts and contributions to the victory of Ukraine, as well as your daily work on the unity of the Ukrainians worldwide. Thank you for this, and I ask you to continue actively contacting the governments of diaspora countries in order to ensure the critical needs of Ukraine are met in this extremely difficult time,” Dmytro Kuleba wrote.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, recalled that “55 years ago, Ukrainians all over the world united for the sake of preserving and multiplying our culture, traditions, and customs, and building a democratic legal state. The history of the Ukrainian World Congress takes its source in the annals of the struggle of the Ukrainian people for their independence.”

“The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine highly values ​​bilateral cooperation with the Ukrainian World Congress in order to protect the rights of Ukrainians in the world, to assert the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine, to ensure its territorial integrity, and to promote European integration and Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” the head of government also said in the greeting.

As Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar emphasizes, the UWC fought for the independence of Ukraine long before 1991, supported the Ukrainian state during its formative years, and continued to stand loyally in Ukraine’s defense from the first minutes of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. 

“You protect Ukraine in the world on the diplomatic and informational front, you provide comprehensive support to the Ukrainian military, which is holding the line of defense in the war against Russia. The voice of Ukrainians abroad in support of Ukraine can be heard in many capitals of the world. You help counter Russian propaganda and play an active role in order for the governments of various states to adopt important decisions in support of our state,” Hanna Malyar wrote in a celebratory letter.