Dobriansky on US aid to Ukraine: Diaspora worked “day and night”

April 24,2024 493
Dobriansky on US aid to Ukraine: Diaspora worked “day and night”

The Ukrainian diaspora in the USA conducted advocacy campaigns to support Ukraine “day and night”; even after the passage of the eagerly anticipated aid package, they do not intend to cease their efforts, said Andriy Dobriansky, Director of Communications of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, in an interview for Suspilne Novyny.

“Ukrainians probably saw how the agitation was happening in front of Congress every day, how they called the Senate, the House of Representatives, Joe Biden every day. The war has not ended. We still have a lot to add. We are moving forward for other initiatives, as we still need to convince President Biden to include more powerful weapons in the aid for Ukraine, not only ATACMS missiles but also finally planes, etc.,” said Dobriansky.

On April 23, the US Senate approved a Ukraine aid package exceeding $60 billion. Following six months of delay, the House of Representatives passed the measure. The next step is for President Joe Biden to sign it into law.

“The package is extensive. There will be no signing ceremony; it will happen immediately. The president can sign it as soon as possible so that all procedures work through Europe, through the entire American system, because this is not only the transfer of weapons to Ukraine but also the transfer of weapons to Israel and the transfer of weapons to Taiwan,” said Dobriansky.

The Ukrainian World Congress expresses gratitude to the USA for the decision to provide Ukraine with $61 billion in aid. We also thank the Ukrainian community for their consistent advocacy for American support.

Cover: Suspilne Novyny