Duda: Threat of explosion at ZNPP is greater than Russia’s nuclear strike

August 11,2023 855
Duda: Threat of explosion at ZNPP is greater than Russia’s nuclear strike

Russia is unlikely to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine; simultaneously, an explosion at the Zaporizhzhia NPP provoked by the occupiers is more likely, Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland, said.

I think that Russia will not resort to using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. … If someone were to ask me about the nuclear threat, I am much more concerned about potential problems with the nuclear power plants in Ukraine. … Because in my view, in my conviction here, the threat of an explosion [at a nuclear plant] is much greater than in the case of using nuclear arms,” Duda stated.

Many people control nuclear weapons in Russia, so it is a collective decision. Instead, the Russians can organize something in Ukraine that will look like a nuclear accident, the Polish president suggests.

The Russians systematically violate safety rules at the Zaporizhzhia NPP. The incompetent and illegitimate “management” of the plant from Rosatom consistently disables the units of the captured nuclear plant, Energoatom, Ukraine’s national nuclear energy company, reported. On August 11, due to the actions of the Russians at the 4th power unit, an incident occurred with water leaking from the first circuit to the second one.

“This crime with intentional damage to the equipment of the fourth power unit, which led to the violation of the integrity of three of the five existing physical barriers to the spread of radiation, the leakage of potentially radioactive water from the first circuit beyond the established limits, and damage to the expensive equipment of the first circuit, will be investigated,” Petro Kotin, the President of Energoatom, said.

Apart from that, the occupiers plan to switch power unit 6 of the ZNPP into a hot shutdown mode, which is another violation of safety conditions. The day before, the nuclear power plant also lost power from the main external power line for almost a day.

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