Easter Greetings

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April 8,2011 214

April 8, 2011



The Ukrainian World Congress extends its sincerest greetings to all of the Hierarchs and spiritual pastors of Ukrainian Churches, and to all Ukrainians living in Ukraine and beyond its borders on the occasion of the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection!


The Day of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection is the greatest of Holy Days for all Ukrainians. As spring heralds nature’s reawakening, Easter symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, life over death and light over darkness. Easter lifts our spirits and fills us with joy, brings peace and harmony into our hearts, and gives us faith for a brighter future.


Easter unites millions of Ukrainians in Ukraine and the Diaspora who profess Christianity and its spiritual traditions. On this day, we pray for and remember everyone who has passed into eternity, leaving us their love and life experiences. We also thank the Resurrected Son of God for all His graces and pray for His protection for our families, friends and our spiritual homeland – Ukraine.


This Easter, the Ukrainian World Congress calls on all Ukrainians to praise the Son of God and, united by Christian and Ukrainian national values, to remain conscious of our responsibilities in the future. We should also be sensitive to the needs of our brothers and sisters around the world who require our understanding and active support.


May the Holy Days of Easter’s celebration bring hope for a better future, peace, harmony and prosperity to every Ukrainian family, fill us with faith in our own abilities, and provide the inspiration to continue working together for the good of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people!



Christ has risen!                                                                             Truly He has risen!