Easter Greetings from the Ukrainian World Congress

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April 18,2020 145

Christ is Risen!

Dear Ukrainian family,

I would like to wish you and your loved one’s health, peace and God’s blessings.

This Easter is special. Its glorious meaning shines anew in these testing times for the global Ukrainian people. Let Easter, a celebration of salvation for the world and for each of us, bring hope and faith to each Ukrainian home.

Let’s unite in prayer for health and safety of our loved ones, for fair peace and prosperity in Ukraine. Please remember in prayer the brave soldiers defending Ukraine, as well as our clergy, community leaders and volunteers, public servants, and especially the healthcare and support workers who are dedicated to protecting our lives during this global pandemic.

Ukrainian World Congress stands in solidarity with our global communities in the time of extraordinary challenges. UWC works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Churches, international organizations and governments. UWC support initiatives, implemented by the dedicated Task Force, touch every aspect of the global Ukrainian life: from a psychological support network to global distance learning platform. We work with governments, suppliers and humanitarian organizations to help Ukraine obtain medical equipment. I am grateful for your strength, commitment and financial support, especially needed in these difficult times.

Please remember, wherever we live, let us be proud to be one Ukrainian people that continue to support one another, especially in difficult times. Let the holy Easter bells bring you joy, peace and faith in the future of our people.

Christ is Risen! Indeed He has Risen!

Paul Grod



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