Easter Greetings

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May 1,2013 300

5 May 2013



The Ukrainian World Congress extends sincerest greetings to all Hierarchs and spiritual pastors of Ukrainian Churches, and to Ukrainians worldwide, on the occasion of the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection!


Symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, life over death, and light over darkness, Easter unites us in love for the resurrected Son of God and fills us with faith in eternal life. This Holy Day reminds us of our responsibility to live according to God’s commandments and the principles of goodness and Christian morals, while strengthening our faith in justice prevailing, and spiritually elevating millions of Ukrainians living around the world. For centuries, the belief in Christ has helped our nation survive the most difficult times and brought us together in the struggle for an independent and dignified life.


On the day of Christ’s Resurrection, the Ukrainian World Congress calls upon Ukrainians around the world to praise the Son of God and join in an Easter prayer for a better future for Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation.


May the light of Christ’s Resurrection warm and protect all Ukrainians and bring peace, happiness and prosperity to every family!


Christ is risen!                    Truly He is risen!




Eugene Czolij


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