ECU pays official visit to Ukraine

May 21,2024 244
ECU pays official visit to Ukraine

The European Congress of Ukrainians (ECU) visited Ukraine on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. The delegation included Bohdan Rajčinec, the ECU President; Zenon Kowal, UWC Board of Directors member, a Political Advisor to the Association of Ukrainians in Belgium, and a Special Advisor to the Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium (1992-1995); and Viktor Bandurchyn, the ECU Secretary and Deputy Head of the Union of Ruthenians-Ukrainians of the Slovak Republic.

The ECU leadership met with the Lviv Polytechnic National University academic community on May 16 for the “European Congress of Ukrainians: Advocacy for Ukraine” dialogue. The attendees observed a minute of silence to honor the memory of those who died for Ukraine’s freedom and independence. LPNU’s Rector, Yurii Bobalo, delivered a welcome speech to the participants.

The event showcased the 75-year history of the ECU, spotlighting key individuals, the struggles in unifying Ukrainian communities across Western Europe, and the ongoing efforts in education and advocacy among the populations of host nations concerning Ukraine’s pursuit of independence.

“The main tasks now are to support the Ukrainian language and culture and ensure quality Ukrainian education so that as few Ukrainians as possible experience assimilation. Equally important is the active support of Ukraine in the war and assistance in overcoming the challenges posed to our state by Russia’s full-scale aggression. For example, thanks to a powerful information campaign, millions of dollars were raised in the Czech Republic to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and such civic activism greatly unites Ukrainians, helps lobby Ukraine’s interests in Europe, overcoming significant resistance from Russian agents,” said Bohdan Rajčinec.

Zenon Kowal addressed the audience, emphasizing that students should prioritize learning foreign languages. He explained that these languages serve as tools for building relationships with partners and expressing Ukraine’s perspective internationally, specifically for promoting Ukrainian narratives in their host countries.

On May 17, the ECU leadership met with the Mayor of Ternopil, Serhii Nadal, to discuss celebrating the 75th anniversary of the European Congress of Ukrainians (ECU), planned for August in Ternopil.

Meetings were also held with the acting head of the Ternopil Oblast Council, Volodymyr Boleshchuk, and the acting head of the Ternopil Oblast Military Administration, Volodymyr Vazhynskyi.

The Ukrainian World Congress, on behalf of the multimillion-strong Ukrainian diaspora, warmly congratulates the President, leadership, and all members of the European Congress of Ukrainians (ECU) on the organization’s 75th anniversary.

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