Energize Ukraine and stop Russia’s energy terror!

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December 22,2022 764
Energize Ukraine and stop Russia’s energy terror!

Today, on Ukraine’s Energy Workers’ Day, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) honours all of Ukraine’s energy sector workers, who are at the forefront rebuilding Ukraine’s electricity grid that is continuously being destroyed by Russian missile attacks.   

As Putin’s plans of a rapid occupation of Ukraine failed as a result of the resilience and capability of the brave Ukrainian people, he chose the path of energy terror. Since October 2022, Russia has been continuously launching missile and kamikaze drone attacks against Ukrainian energy infrastructure, damaging almost every power station.    

Through its ruthless attacks against the Ukrainian energy sector, the Russian terrorist state aims to destroy the Ukrainian economy, dive ordinary Ukrainians into darkness and break their will to support the Ukrainian military and resist the Russian occupiers.   

“Today, Ukrainian energy sector workers are superheroes, much like the brave defenders of Ukraine. Thanks to their devoted work, courage, and motivation, Ukraine’s economy keeps rolling even despite the hardships of war,” said Paul Grod, UWC President. “We are also grateful to all governments that supported Ukraine’s energy sector in a rapid response to Russia’s terrorist attacks, particularly President Emmanuel Macron for initiating the Paris Conference.”   

“Ukraine has a huge energy potential and will significantly strengthen the EU’s economy. But first, we must defeat the Putin regime, which threatens the future of Ukraine, Europe, and the West. The sooner Ukraine wins, the sooner the war ends!” Grod added.    

The UWC has launched its campaign to identify, procure and deliver critical power systems equipment to Ukraine.  We call upon both the public and private sector to provide the funds and equipment needed to ensure Ukraine has power and heat during this cold winter.   

We once again call upon all Ukraine’s allies to undertake concrete and decisive steps to stop Russia’s war of aggression and its energy terror of Ukraine:   

  • Supply Ukraine with tanks, howitzers, military aircraft, and anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense systems to close the sky over the country and secure a Ukrainian victory   
  • Recognize Russia as a terrorist state   
  • Introduce an international tribunal to hold all Russian war criminals accountable for their crimes in Ukraine 
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