Engaging global Ukrainian diaspora is crucial for rebuilding Ukraine

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June 13,2024 451
Engaging global Ukrainian diaspora is crucial for rebuilding Ukraine

Following the 2024 Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) in Berlin, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls on the Government of Ukraine and its leadership to engage the global Ukrainian diaspora in all processes of rebuilding and post-war recovery of Ukraine. 

The potential, resources, experience and knowledge of the global Ukrainian community are crucial to secure efficient reconstruction of Ukraine after the victory. 

“The UWC was pleased to participate in the URC in Berlin together with other international leaders, organizations and influencers. As a global Ukrainian community, we are committed to supporting Ukraine and its people in all possible ways on their path to victory over the Russian occupiers and to post-war reconstruction of our Homeland. We intend to be the Ukrainian government’s strong and reliable partner in bringing Ukraine closer to the best international standards and practices,” stated UWC President Paul Grod. 

Preserving Ukrainian human capital, as well as Ukrainian national identity abroad was among the main focuses of the conference in Berlin. As UWC, we are committed to developing and supporting the global Ukrainian community. This includes education, church, professional associations, culture, and business connections. A strong and united Ukrainian diaspora is a way to build a strong and resilient nation at home.

“We thank our partners in Ukraine and among the international community and urge Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine worldwide to support UWC projects, particularly the Energize Ukraine, so that we can help rebuild Ukraine’s energy system as soon as possible. We will also be ready to support reconstruction of Ukraine even more when Ukraine achieves victory,” Grod said. 

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