Estonia arrests University professor on Russia-linked espionage charges

January 18,2024 874
Estonia arrests University professor on Russia-linked espionage charges

The Estonian police have arrested Vyacheslav Morozov, a Russian professor at the University of Tartu, on charges of espionage, as reported by the Estonian media. The suspect was teaching political science at the educational institution.

“Vyacheslav Morozov is a political scientist with a Ph.D. in historical sciences. As reported by Estonian media, he is well-known in global academic circles as a talented scholar, also recognized among Russian opposition figures. He has worked at universities in many Western countries. The specific details of Morozov’s alleged anti-state activities are not disclosed by the Estonian Security Police (KaPo) at the moment. The University of Tartu has already terminated its employment relationship with its former staff member,” stated Vira Konyk, the Head of the Congress of Ukrainians of Estonia.

The Head of the Estonian Security Police, Margo Pallasen, stated that Morozov’s case exemplifies a significant Russian campaign. [This case] is an addition to more than a few dozen previous cases and illustrates the Russian special services’ efforts to infiltrate various spheres of life in Estonia, including the academic sphere, the law enforcement official noted. 

Currently, the Russian professor is in pre-trial detention. Until 2010, Morozov worked at St. Petersburg State University, later collaborating with the University of Tartu. From 2016 to 2023, he researched the European Union and Russia, and from September 2023 onwards, he focused on international political theory, according to a project by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 

Photo: open sources

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