Estonia does not let “Russian World” in even as an inscription

January 21,2023 421
Estonia does not let “Russian World” in even as an inscription

On the Koidula border crossing, Estonian border guards halted a freight train that carried fuel oil from Russia after spotting four oil tank cars bearing an inscription Russkiy Mir (“Russian World”), the South Prefecture of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board reported on Friday in a Facebook post.

“The locomotive crew threw up their hands saying that they were only doing their job and knew nothing about the markings on the tanks. The border guards made it unequivocally clear to the crew that it is not enough to temporarily cover the inscriptions with a black film, a sticker or something like that, but the text must be covered with paint and permanently removed from the cars. And if such an option does not work for the crew, the cars can immediately hit the road back towards Russia at full speed. A moment later, the locomotive crew already had the blue paint pot in their hands and the symbol of the aggressor was removed without further ado,” the post reads.

“As the Kremlin regime brutally kills civilians in Ukraine, which has no justification, we do not accept under any circumstances the public display of the aggressor’s symbols. Glory to Ukraine!” the South Prefecture added.

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