EU leaders are “fed up” with Hungary’s tactics

December 15,2023 593
EU leaders are “fed up” with Hungary’s tactics

Hungary has blocked the allocation of EUR 50 billion for Ukraine from the European Union. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán vetoed the adoption of the decision on the budgetary assistance program for Kyiv.

Summary of the nightshift: veto for the extra money to Ukraine, veto for the MFF (multiannual financial framework – ed.) review. We will come back to the issue next year in the EUCO after proper preparation,” Orbán wrote. 

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, stated that 26 EU countries have agreed to provide Ukraine with funds from the EU budget until 2027. However, unanimity is required for the decision, and Hungary has opposed it. “We still have some time, Ukraine is not out of money in the next few weeks,” Rutte assured.

European Council President Charles Michel clarified that the decision at hand encompassed more than just providing financial aid to Ukraine. He detailed that European leaders were presented with a comprehensive “package” seeking approval, comprising assistance for Ukraine’s support, allocations for migration programs, financing earmarked for the EU Solidarity Fund, and provisions for defense initiatives.

European Council President Charles Michel clarified that while the proposed support package is not outright dismissed, it is postponed for now. In response to this, EU leaders have reached a consensus to convene an extraordinary summit specifically addressing this matter. Michel highlighted, “We will come back to this issue at the beginning of next year and try to achieve unanimity to implement this package possible.” This summit is anticipated to convene in early January, as media reports indicate.

In June, the European Commission proposed increasing the EU’s joint budget by EUR 66 billion, with a significant portion, EUR 50 billion, allocated for financial support to Ukraine. Later, the European Parliament supported the initiative, which involved the creation of a Ukrainian Facility. However, Hungary suggested that EU members split the aid package for Ukraine into EUR 50 billion and initially provide only half of the approved amount.

Hungary is willing to lift the veto on the EU’s proposal for financing Ukraine if the EU unfreezes the earmarked EUR 30 billion for Budapest.

European Union member states are already “fed up” with the behavior of the Hungarian authorities, a high-ranking European official said during a conversation with journalists in Brussels on December 14. This is how the politician commented on the general impression of EU leaders on Hungary’s blocking of important decisions regarding the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s membership and the allocation of EUR 50 billion of aid.

“I have no authorisation to say this as an EU official representative, but the member states are fed up with this [Hungary’s antics] because, for no apparent reason, they are destroying EU unity on an issue that is of vital interest to the EU,” the source said.

The 26 EU member states can make key decisions even without Hungary if it continues to block. “And we are not afraid to say this to show that Hungary is Putin’s Trojan horse. Because what they do is looking increasingly similar to Trojan horse behaviour,” the official said.

If, for example, Slovakia starts to behave like Hungary, “then there will be 25 EU countries,” the source added. “But the vast majority of member countries will still be on your [Ukrainian – ed.] side,” the official said.

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