Europe has 5–8 years to rearm – Pistorius

December 19,2023 1047
Europe has 5–8 years to rearm – Pistorius

Europe has 5 to 8 years to “catch up” in the defense field, stated German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, quoted by Reuters. He emphasized the need for European nations to enhance their defense capabilities in anticipation of potential new military threats by the decade’s end.

We Europeans must engage more to ensure security on our own continent. We have about 5-8 years to catch up, in terms of armed forces, industry and society,” Pistorius said.

Russia has significantly increased weapons production to sustain its military capability in the war against Ukraine and has also threatened the Baltic States, Georgia, and Moldova. Meanwhile, the minister noted that the United States will likely reduce its military presence in Europe as it shifts its focus to the Indo-Pacific region. Therefore, Europe may face new challenges.

Minister Pistorius asserts that there may be encounters with dangers by the end of this decade. However, he adds that the necessary preparations will have been made to address them by that time. Pistorius says that Europe must compensate for the potential decrease in American aid to Ukraine, particularly if Washington cannot agree on new funding. At the same time, the election of a more pro-European government in Poland should now allow the Weimar Triangle – Berlin, Paris, and Warsaw – to further develop military cooperation, according to Pistorius.

We need to figure out how best to set ourselves up on the eastern flank on the basis of NATO defense plans,” said the minister. Pistorius wants to visit Poland as soon as possible. Finally, the minister emphasized the importance of small military missions in other countries. Currently, Pistorius does not anticipate the German army repeating large-scale missions like those in Afghanistan and Mali. In Afghanistan, in particular, the German army engaged in its first ground battles since the end of World War II.

But small missions, in particular in the area of military consultancy or cooperation also with countries that do not necessarily share our values will be essential. The alternative would be to not have any more contacts with these countries and to simply hand them over to the Russians and Chinese, and that would be a lot ore dangerous,” emphasized the minister.

Earlier, CNN, citing concerns raised by multiple American and European officials, reported that Ukraine’s ability to sustain an independent war effort faces a limited several-month timeline without Western support. The potential absence of a decision from the U.S. Congress on providing military aid to Ukraine is causing unease among politicians.

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