Europe never gets tired of arming Ukraine

October 7,2022 1022
Europe never gets tired of arming Ukraine

Despite the hopes of the Russian dictator Putin, Europe does not seem to be tired of Ukraine and continues to send weapons to accelerate the victory over the aggressor.

155-mm artillery shells from Spain for Ukraine. September 2022. Spain. Photo: Ministry of Defense of Spain via Militarny

Spain has been providing military aid to Ukraine on an unprecedented scale. “To date, we have delivered 300 tons of military cargo [to Ukraine]. Just so you know, this is a historic, unprecedented effort for Spain’s potential… Of course, for Spain, this is an extraordinary effort that has never happened before,” Ukrinform quotes Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Recent shipments from Spain include anti-missile defense systems, winter gear, and armored vehicles, he said.

Finland will continue to support Ukraine. “Defensive struggle of Ukraine continues. Unfortunately, it looks like the war may last a long time. We continue our support to Ukraine with the ninth package of defense materials. Decisions have been made,” Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen wrote on his Twitter. This aid package amounts to 11.8 million euros, writes Suspilne with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Finland. The contents of the package, as well as the method and schedule of delivery, are not disclosed for security reasons. The total amount of assistance from Finland has already exceeded 104 million euros.

The government of the Czech Republic also approved a new aid package for Ukraine. According to the Minister of Defense of the country Jana Černochová, the day before yesterday, the Czech government approved a new package of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of 4.2 billion korun (170 million US dollars), reports. The package includes heavy weapons, but details are not being disclosed for security reasons. In total, the export of military equipment from the Czech Republic to Ukraine this year reached 47 billion korun (1.88 billion US dollars).

Bergepanzer 2. Photo: Wikimedia Commons via European Pravda

Over the past week, Germany has transferred two more Bergepanzer 2 armored recovery and repair vehicles to Ukraine, in addition to the three transferred in August, European Pravda reported, citing the German government’s website. Germany is also preparing to transfer to Ukraine four IRIS-T air defense systems, 30,000 40-millimeter cartridges, 24 MG3 machine guns for armored repair and evacuation vehicles, 10 bridge systems, three medium bridge systems, and 90 heavy-duty trailers for transporting heavy weapons.

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