European countries step up Russia’s isolation

September 21,2023 773
European countries step up Russia’s isolation

Norway will ban cars with Russian license plates from entering its territory. This is already the sixth country to introduce restrictions. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, and Finland made the same decision earlier.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway is already working on new rules. “Just like Finland, Norway will introduce restrictions on the entry and use of cars with Russian registration. We are currently studying how to do this and will come back with effective measures soon,” the state secretary said.

Currently, Oslo has banned the import of cars with Russian license plates but has allowed their temporary use.

The restrictions are related to new EU sanctions against Russia. In September, the European Commission published an explanation regarding previously introduced sanctions against Moscow. The document explains that any cars, including those used for personal purposes, are subject to the ban. Similar rules apply to all imported goods listed in one of the annexes to the sanctions regulation, such as mobile phones, laptops, clothes and shoes, cosmetics, wallets, bags, backpacks, cameras, and so on.