Ex-NATO commander calls on US to provide aid to Ukraine

December 27,2023 632
Ex-NATO commander calls on US to provide aid to Ukraine

Admiral James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, called on US to provide necessary military support for Ukraine. The American admiral is concerned about the current situation at the front.

“It’s a very dangerous situation and here, the real action is actually not in Kyiv. The real action is in Washington. We’ve got to provide the military support to Ukraine. Their cause is just,” Stavridis said.

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander convinced that the West has an opportunity to increase aid to Ukraine. “We can afford to do this, and we should. So I’m worried about the war in Ukraine only if the U.S. and our European allies fail to live up to the commitment we’ve made to support Ukraine,” he said.

Ukraine has already destroyed half of the Russian army, while not a single American soldier has died “or even placed at risk.” For this, the US needed to use only “the equivalent of 5 percent” of the annual defense budget, Stavridis noted.

The inaction of the US Congress regarding the approval of military aid to Kyiv is already affecting the battlefield in Ukraine. In particular, there is a shortage of ammunition, and Russia has a “five to seven times” advantage over them, earlier reported CNN.

The US Congress has still not approved Biden’s request for additional funding to help Ukraine due to opposition from some Republicans. On December 6, the draft law on providing assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan did not pass a procedural vote in the Senate. The lower house of Congress completed its work in 2023 without ever approving the aid.

Cover: MC1 Eric Dietrich Credit: U.S. Navy

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