Extremists vandalize Ukrainian flag at anti-fascist rally in Italy

April 26,2024 355
Extremists vandalize Ukrainian flag at anti-fascist rally in Italy

A pro-Ukrainian rally in Milan on Italy’s Liberation Day from Nazism and Fascist Dictatorship was disrupted by unknown extremists, reported Oles Horodetskyy, President of the Christian Association of Ukrainians and Ukrainian community leader in Rome.

“A fascist and extremist, probably of Arab origin (dressed in yellow), tears and tramples on the Ukrainian flag during the Liberation March from Nazi fascists. Milan, April 25, 2024,” wrote Horodetskyy and added a video of the incident.

In Milan, the Ukrainian community and other democratic groups rallied under the banner “Now and always democracy defends itself.” Rally participants urged the global community to support Ukrainians in combating the emergent form of fascism known as ruscism. Oles Horodetskyy also spoke to the activists from the podium.

“I emphasized the need for constant military assistance to Ukraine. Pacifism plays into the hands of the aggressor, and delays in Western aid have cost Ukraine thousands of human lives. Ukrainians are fighting for freedom, just like Italian partisans once did. I emphasized the need to defeat Russian propaganda in all its forms and expressed hope that next April 25, we will be able to celebrate in Ukraine liberated from Moscow occupiers,” Horodetskyy said.

In Italy, April 25 symbolizes the conclusion of World War II. On this date in 1945, partisans successfully freed Milan and Turin from German forces through widespread uprisings, well ahead of the arrival of Allied troops.

Photos: Chiara Calore; Ivana Paisi