French intellectuals and military call for increased aid to Ukraine

May 14,2024 358
French intellectuals and military call for increased aid to Ukraine

Leading French intellectuals and military personnel have called on the European Union to provide more assistance to Kyiv to defend against Russian attacks. Among others, writer Jonathan Littell and General Michel Yakovleff appealed to the European community in a column for the authoritative publication Le Monde.

Just since the beginning of this year, Russia has launched over 4000 drones, ballistic, and cruise missiles at Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. The occupiers targeted hospitals, schools, universities and residential buildings. Experts emphasize that these destructive bombardments are not aimed at Ukrainian military positions. Russia aims primarily to terrorize the population and induce an economic collapse in Ukraine, jeopardizing every moment of everyday life, the text says.

Russian bombing tactics are an example of terror, as often the second strike occurs minutes after the first to target rescue teams. Such actions by the Russians aim to force Ukraine to capitulate and convince allies of Kyiv’s inevitable defeat.

Europe must oppose Putin’s obstinacy with determination, understanding the existential stakes of this war. “We have long been overdue with the delivery of the necessary weapons to Ukrainian fighters, including those that would enable Ukraine to defend the civilian population from deadly air attacks,” experts write.

Analysts have urged the European Union to act, increase efforts to support Ukraine, and for France to develop its military doctrine.

The Ukrainian community in France expresses gratitude to the community of authors and also calls on the country to increase assistance to Ukraine.

“In France, there is a small group of French people, including scientists, military personnel, and lawyers, who are working on how exactly France can quickly and effectively assist Ukraine in the military direction. One of the ideas arose after France and other partners helped intercept Iranian missiles and protect the civilian population of Israel. At the same time, neither France nor any other country entered into an open conflict with Iran, but the peaceful population of Israel was not harmed. If this was possible, then why not help Ukraine close the western part of the sky, thereby increasing the capabilities of Ukrainians to close the eastern part. Today, this idea has been presented to the French government, but too little time has passed to receive any concrete response,” said Volodymyr Kogutyak, UWC Vice President for Western Europe, in a comment to the UWC.

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