G7 to support Ukraine as long as necessary

G7 to support Ukraine as long as necessary

The leaders of the G7 wrapped up the three-day summit Tuesday in the Bavarian Alps with commitments to further pressure Russia over its war in Ukraine, while addressing a looming food crisis caused by blocked food supplies, according to DW. They have agreed to develop a price cap on Russian oil and provide billions in food assistance to avert a hunger crisis.

In closing statements, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the summit’s host, said that the world’s seven leading economies stand together in support of Ukraine and that G7 countries will raise the cost of the war for Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “must not win this war,” the chancellor said. “We want Ukraine to be able to defend its sovereignty, independence, and future as a democracy.”

French President Emmanuel Macron also said that Russia “cannot and should not win” the Ukraine war. He added that the G7 would support Ukraine, “as long as necessary, and with the necessary intensity.”

On Monday, Scholz said at the summit that there would be no return to the times before Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which had ushered in long-term changes in international relations, according to Reuters.

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