Gamble of Appeasement: ​can Russia’s imperial ambitions be stopped?

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December 15,2021 129
Gamble of Appeasement: ​can Russia’s imperial ambitions be stopped?

With the Russian military massed along the Ukrainian border, accompanied by the Russia-orchestrated migrant crisis in Belarus and staged gas crisis in Europe, Moscow is leading a well-planned purposeful hybrid destabilization campaign. Kremlin-controlled media is trumpeting threats of war to extinguish Ukraine’s statehood, and Ukraine’s key allies are concerned that another Russian military offensive against Ukraine may be imminent.​

​While Ukrainian leaders and civil society work to shore up Western support for Ukraine, Putin redraws red lines and consistently makes it clear he does not accept Ukraine’s independence.

  • What are the Kremlin’s real intentions?
  • Is the democratic world ready for a decisive response to demonstrate to Russia that the rules-based international order will prevail?
  • ​What can Ukraine’s international partners do to stop Moscow’s imperial ambitions?​

Join Alexander Vershbow, Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Former US Ambassador to Russia, UWC President Paul Grod and Hanna Hopko, Chairwoman of the National Interests Advocacy Network ANTS, Chairwoman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2014-2019) on December 15, 12pm ET (19.00 Kyiv) for this important discussion.

Language: English, with simultaneous translation into Ukrainian.


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