General Hodges responds to counteroffensive critics

September 27,2023 1816
General Hodges responds to counteroffensive critics

Those who “from 8,000 km away” criticize how someone else enters minefields and trenches and clears them should be ashamed of themselves, former commander of NATO’s Ground Forces in Europe, retired US General Ben Hodges, said during a discussion in Washington, the Voice of America writes.

“These are unprofessional and useless statements,” said Ben Hodges in response to a question about criticism of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ actions in the war.

Ukrainians have to fight without aircraft support, without which the USA, the United Kingdom or Germany would never have sent soldiers into combat, the general emphasized. The Armed Forces conduct multi-component complex operations, including the work of special forces, drone attacks, cyber warfare, disabling Russian radars and air defense systems, and others, Hodges said.

“A counteroffensive is not only what we see on the battlefield,” the general said.

At the same time, the attacks of the Ukrainian military on the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, which create enormous pressure on the occupiers, are impressive, Hodges concluded.

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