Georgian jazz star to move to Ukraine

May 10,2023 694
Georgian jazz star to move to Ukraine

Nino Katamadze, a popular jazz singer from Georgia, is planning to move to Ukraine – right during the war, according to TSN.

“My family thinks it would be good to live in Ukraine. We are planning to move right now, during the war,” Katamadze said in an interview.

For the last few years, the life of the Georgian singer, who supported the Ukrainians from the beginning of the Russian invasion, has been connected to Ukraine, where she gave concerts and starred in TV shows. Even during the full-scale war, Nino continued visiting Kyiv to perform and support the defenders of Ukraine. “There was no such thing that I or my wonderful musicians were afraid to go to Ukraine,” she said.

“We did a concert in the [Kyiv] subway and I can say with confidence that it was the most memorable concert of my life,” says Katamadze. “We specially created this sound with the quartet so that we could express our support through music. There were moments when the subway train was slowed down so that it would not interfere with the singing. I still remember the eyes of the concert guests, it is impossible to forget, their tears, and the whole story is something incredible.”

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