Georgians force Russian сruise ship out of Batumi

July 28,2023 2959
Georgians force Russian сruise ship out of Batumi

Protesters in Georgia have forced a cruise ship with Russians on board to leave Batumi two days ahead of schedule. The ship sailed from the Georgian city after the insistent rallies.

The Astoria Grande cruise ship arrived from Sochi on the evening of July 26. The residents of Batumi were outraged by the statements of the Russians. In an interview with journalists, citizens of the Russian Federation said that Russia is not an occupier and that the Soviet Union still exists. In addition, one of the tourists openly reported that she visited occupied Abkhazia, violating Georgian law.

“This is the usual imperial behavior for Russians. Arriving in neighboring countries, they believe that these are their colonies. This repeatedly proves that they are a terrorist country with a population that supports this vector. Russia poses a threat both on land and at sea, violating international laws and posing a threat to the security of the entire world,” Kateryna Kozak, executive director of the Svitanok, a Ukrainian youth organization in Georgia, said.

During the rallies, residents of Batumi chanted the famous “Russian ship, go  f*** yourself” and “Abkhazia is Georgia.” The protesters also brought photographs depicting Abkhazia and the events of the August war and performed the Georgian national anthem.

During the protest, a Russian flag was visible in one of the cruise ship’s cabins but soon disappeared. Ultimately, the cruise ship left the port an hour after the rally.

“I wholeheartedly support the position of the Georgians who protested in Batumi. As a public activist in Georgia, I share the desire of Georgians to break away from the country of a terrorist neighbor. At Ukrainian rallies, we constantly say that Abkhazia and South Ossetia are Georgia!” Kateryna Kozak summed up.